How to prepare for 10th class CBSE Exam & Also Few Points

How to prepare for 10th class CBSE Exam & Also Few Points

10th class CBSE

How to prepare for 10th class CBSE Exam & Also Few Points

How to prepare for 10th class CBSE Exam
The dates for the CBSE board exams and the date sheet have been released, and now the time has come for the exam preparations. Many students are confused on how they should prepare for the exams and this leads to messing up on the day of exam.
1. Organize your study space

Make sure that you all have enough space so as to spread your textbooks and notes out. Also you should try and get rid of all types of distractions, so that you can feel as much comfortable and also able to focus as much as possible.
2. Use flow charts and diagrams

Visual aids can be very helpful during the time of revising. At the beginning of any topic, you should challenge yourself to first write down everything that you already know about any particular topic or chapter and also highlight where the gaps lie. As you head closer to the exam, one should condense their revision notes into one-page diagrams.
3. One should do a lot of practice papers

One of the most effective and best ways to prepare for any exams is to practice taking past years papers to help get acquainted with the pattern of the paper and also the difficulty level. This helps in getting used to the format of the questions.
4. One should take regular breaks between studies

One should develop a daily study routine that is working fine for the student. If one can study better in the morning, then they should start early and then take a break during lunch time. Also, if one is more productive during the night time, then one should take a larger break early in the day so that they are ready to settle down during evening.
5. Maintaining a separate notebook for each subject is a good idea

One should jot down the very important notes and formulas that they come across during their studies. This helps before the exams so that they can just grab the subject notebook and revise the portions that they want.
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