How To Set Study Time Table For Class 10th CBSE

How To Set Study Time Table For Class 10th CBSE

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Setting study Time Table should be Paramount Motive for every student. Setting study timetable means:

  • What to study + When to study? = planning in advance + setting study Time Table.

so, now i think i have made my point clear that for setting timetable you need a proper planning. Planning in advance is defined as:

    Where you are → Where you want to go.

Therefore, it is very important for a student to make an advance plan for their study timetable these are some of the tips:

1. Decide a separate Days for Each Subject:

You should be very clear or rather you should decide in advance about the days which should be allotted for each subject. Always remember never underestimate any subject. Each and every subject needs proper time and attention. so, its always better to decide in Advance. You can make a weekly chart and can further post it on your wall.

2. Try Waking up An hour easily in the morning: 

Waking up early has its own benefits. As we know that when we wake up early in the morning we feel so fresh and energetic. so, make it your habit of waking at least an hour before your usual timings. Devote that hour completely to your studies. I know it may seem daunting initially but you will be accustom to it.

      Morning Alarms= our savior.


 3. Planning + Controlling: 

As planning is important but along with planning proper controlling is also necessary. Controlling should be done in such a way:

  • Set your studies Goals. (Realistic)
  • Study according to the above setting.
  • Measure your performance.
  • Find Difference between Actual and performed.
  • Take Actions.

This combination of planning with control will not only help you in deciding in advance what to do. But further, it will also help you in deciding whether you are up to the mark or not.

4. Make some small Goals to Achieve Target:

well, I will tell you a trick through which you can achieve your target very effectively and efficiently. For this, you just need to divide your target into smaller parts and call these smaller parts as Achievable Goals.

  •       Goal1+Goal2+Goal3= Achievement of Target.

5. weightage and priorities:

As Now you are already aware of the marking scheme and Important topics. so, let’s make a Prudent Decision. Let’s first focus on the weightage of marks from each unit and then, why not plan your studies or priorities accordingly?

  • Unit 1st: Total marks coverage→Imporatant topics.

6. Turn your weakness into strengths:

This one is my personal favorite. It will not only help you while giving your 10th Exam but also in Life Exam. we are always aware of our weaknesses. so, you should lay more emphasis on weaker topics/units. This will give you a proper command.

7. Importance of power nap:

Studies are imporatnat so do your power naps. I know you must have so much pressure but don’t forget about your health. Power nap will collect all Energy and gives your mind a Rest. so, that when you will wake up you can concentrate on your studies again.

 8. Rule of Revising Daily:

And this rule is Inevitable. you cannot avoid this rule. This is very important. You should Revise whatever topics you have covered up otherwise you will End up Forgetting followed by Regretting.

9. Follow this Timetable:

Clock time Activity time Description
5.30am 45min Wake up and get ready for school
6.15am 30min Study- session 1
6.45am 15min Depart to school
7.00am 6.5hrs School
1.30pm 15min Return from school
1.45pm 30min Get fresh
2.00pm 120min lunch
2.30pm 120min Study – session 2
4.30pm 120min Sports, games
6.30pm 30min Relax, prepare for tomorrow
7.00pm 60min Study – session 3
8.00pm 30min Dinner
8.30pm 120min Study – session 4
10.30pm 30min Study – session 5
11.00pm 6.5hrs Sleep


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