Best Way to score above 90% in CBSE class 10th.

Best Way to score above 90% in CBSE class 10th.

10th Exam Tips

Well, Final Exams has always been a Nightmare For Students. Afterall it will help us to know where are we stand in studies among our peers. But 10th CBSE Exams is like an Inflection point in one’s’ Life as it will further help students in deciding their Streams which they have to choose in class 11th. Some schools have a criterion of a certain Minimum percentage as to choose the streams further. so, it is an onus of students to perform their best and grab their preferable stream. so, it’s time for some best tips as to ace your Exams:-


 1. Understanding Concept Is Paramount:-

well, this is my personal observation that students lay more emphasis on Learning. Although Learning is important but before learning the primary aim should be understanding. Because if we will see the previous years’ Question papers we will notice that even Theoretical Questions are twisted so as not to get perplexed you should try to understand the concept and then further you can describe your answer.

            Understanding Concept > Learning.


2. Make Your Own Pyramid in Apple Pie Order:-

This might be something new for you. Why not mix up your studies with little creativity to make it more Interesting? you can make your own pyramid on paper with the priorities and the topics/ chapters which you have to cover first.


  • Solve sample/Previous years’ papers                                                          ↑                                                          
  • Complete Revision                                                                                      ↑                                                         
  • Complete NCERT syllabus                                                                         ↑                                               
  • Topics/Chapters in which you lag behind                                              ↑                                                                     
  • Most Imp/Scoring Topics


3. Keep Yourself Updated With Syllabus:-

Students should keep them updated with syllabus for this purpose they can BookMark CBSE official site and even official site as it will give you regular updates so that you wont end up regretting later.


4. Test your preparations:-

After completing your NCERT syllabus don’t just sit ideal and Relax, Rather test yourself by solving sample papers and giving online test. so that you can easily analyze your preparations and the topics are taken care of.


5. Phone Aside For a While:

Guys, it’s high time now. stop fooling yourself and keep your phone aside for a while. Trust me it’s Distracting you a lot it will ruin your concentration power and will eventually end up by screwing your valuable time and energy.


For writing an innovative and smart answer, show your skills perfectly by knowing the tips and tricks, here:

  • Start your answer with a generic line about the subject
  • Add some meat to your answer with figures, examples, theories, and quotes
  • Keep the flow of the information coherent
  • Make sure the concluding line clearly shows that you have answered what the question exactly asked for.

Do not use contractions such as wouldn’t, couldn’t, should’ve in your answer sheets. Use the full forms like would not, could not or should have.

Incorrect: The results won’t be released until they’ve been verified.

Correct: The results will not be released until they have been verified.

so, these were some of the tips which are pragmatic, Realistic to follow.                                                                                         All The Best and Thanks, Me Later.   

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