How to score passing marks for class 10th

How to score passing marks for class 10th

10th Exam Tips CBSE


How to score passing marks for class 10th


1.Preparation tips for Science

  • Prepare the list of derivative formula and experiments and learn them by hurt.
  • Schedule your time in a proper way that you are able to revise all your chapters in 10 to 15 days prior your examination in a successful way.
  • Try to attend every single Laboratory classes in a sincere way because it is too much important to get 100% marks in your Practical Examination It may help you a lot to get passed for your finals.
  • Take optimum time for your previous year question papers as many of the time questions get repeated every year so you may also go for the previous year question papers for to get pass your class 10 science.
  • As science subject recover 30% marks from Practical Examination and 70% marks from theoretical examination so if you are able to score your 30% marks from a Practical Examination which is too much easier. After a practical exam, you need only 3% marks out of 70% you have to score from a theoretical exam. And if you are able to practice your previous year question paper only for previous 3 years then you are able to get passed in a successful and safe Manner


  1. preparation tips for mathematics

As the class 10th, mathematics is an elementary subject  and provides us the concept of Numbers, Basic Geometry and Trigonometry

Class 10th examination is not only for scoring well but also provides us a platform to get build our basic aptitude and concepts which are too much beneficial for the students for  their further procurement

  • firstly make a sheet of all the important concepts and formulas.
  • You have to read every single question from the NCERT even from the example portion because every year 3 to 4 questions are asking from the examples portion.It is too much important to give importance to the example portion and NCERT questions.
  • Go through the sample papers that are published by CBSE because CBSE sample papers are the only place to make you performed for your final preparation. It also contains various important questions which may help you a lot in the examination sometimes various questions that are asked in examinations are there in your sample papers so do not just keep with you solve them.