CBSE Class 10 Science Important 1 and 2 Marks Questions

CBSE Class 10 Science Important 1 and 2 Marks Questions

10th CBSE

CBSE Class 10 Science Important 1 and 2 Marks Questions

Below article Focuses on various important 1 and 2 marks questions for class 10th science CBSE students for the final preparation of board examination, questions are more preferable for the advanced preparation for the exam.

All the below questions updated by our experienced faculty and an experience team for providing you the best preparation for your final board examination. The below articles contains all the 1 and 2 marks important questions which are mostly and have maximum chances for asking in examination.

Here the below article for the most important 1 and 2 marks  questions for class 10th science:


CBSE Class 10th Science important 2 marks questions

Question. Classify the following salts as acidic, basic or neutral:

(i) NaCl                                           (ii) Na2SO4

(iii) CaCl2                                       (iv) K2CO3

Question. What is galvanisation. What purpose is served by it?

Question. How do you calculate the possible valency of an element from the electronic configuration of its atoms?

Question. Draw the diagram of an open stomatal pore of a leaf and label the chloroplast and guard cells on it.

Question. Why cake or bread swells on adding baking powder? Write chemical equation.

Question. “Energy flow in a food chain is unidirectional” Justify this statement.

Question. What is the main constituent of biogas? How is biogas obtained from biomass?

Why some substances burn with a flame while as some burn without a flame?

Question. State difference between the wire used in the element of an electric heater and in a fuse wire.

Question. Name one sexually transmitted disease each caused due to bacterial infection and viral infection.


CBSE Class 10th Science important 1 marks questions

Question. No two individuals are absolutely alike in a population. Why?

Question. Name two tissues which provide control and coordination in animals

Question. Write the electron dot structure of ethane molecule, C2H6.

Question. A black surface absorbs more heat radiations as compared to a white surface under identical conditions. List two solar devices which make use of this property in their design.

Question. Name two properties of elements which increase along a group?

Question. What are the various steps in a food chain called?

Question. A ray of light passing through the centre of curvature of concave minor gets reflected along the same path. Why?

Question. When a current carrying conductor is kept in a magnetic held, state the position when maximum force acts on it.

Question. The atomic numbers of three elements A, B and C are 12, 18 and 20 respectively. State, giving  reason, which two elements will show similar properties.

Question. How will you test for the gas which is liberated when hydrochloric acid reacts with an active metal?

Question. Define Puberty.