CBSE Class 10 Science Paper Analysis.

CBSE Class 10 Science Paper Analysis & Practical Skills


CBSE Class 10 Science Paper Analysis & Practical Skills

CBSE class 10th science paper has just been over. And when asked by students regarding the level most of them said that the Paper was Easy. According to them, they are Expecting good marks as almost all questions were straightforward.

Biology questions were Easiest one, and Chemistry Questions seems to be the toughest section among all.

The Question paper comprises of the Two-part and second part was Skilled Based. There were total 27 Questions in total. Internal choices were provided in two questions of three marks each and one question of five marks each, they were based on practical skills.

All questions were from the syllabus and there were Direct questions in all the three subjects. This year, with the implementation of the new, assessment patterns in class 10 under which the mandatory board exams are conducted at the annual assessment, a different Format is being followed in the board question paper- Ms. Saini.

Questions from ‘Practical’ Section were relatively Difficult as compared to that of the Theoretical section. Overall 65+ marks were easily scorable. The paper was lengthy as compared from last year’s paper. However, fewer questions were asked from previous year’s question paper.

In physics and Biology, almost all questions can be attempted by even a below average student if he has studied the NCERT book thoroughly.

The overall level of the paper was from Expected topics- barring a few- mostly in chemistry like balancing Equations. value based question was attemptable to all. scoring more than 95 percent wouldn’t be that challenging.

According to Teachers-

In Biology section, many questions were from ‘How do Organisms Reproduce?’ contrary to the expectation lesser questions were from Heredity and Evolution.