How to prepare for CBSE Exams for Class 10th

How to prepare for CBSE Exams for Class 10th

10th 10th Exam Tips

As CBSE Exams are going now so I can Completely Understand that they are Anxious. And some must be Cramming a night before and Others must be pulling an all-nighter. 

some must be busy in Rote Learning and others maybe are Revising every possible thing. Giving Board Exams is really a Difficult phase of life. Afterall your future is directly or indirectly based on that single sheet.

so, through this post, i will give you some Important tips through which you can Ace your Exams:

1. Proper Planning (pp):

Planning is required in all forms of our life. so, for preparing for exams too you need a proper planning. Everything should be properly sorted. You should decide in advance only and should dedicate the days for particular topics/subjects.

2. Maintain separate notebooks for each subject:

Jot down important notes and formulae that you come across during your studies. This will help before the exams as you can just grab the subject notebook and revise the portions you want.

3. Time For Revision:

Along with learning, you should always keep some time for proper revision so that the things/topics which you have learned should be tattooed in your mind as well as the heart. Do not study anything new or from a new book right before exams, as you may get confused. Revise what you have studied and glance at important notes and formulae. Make note of important formulae and keep them handy so that you can take a look at them as an when you want. Make a weekly revision plan once you have completed the entire syllabus.

4. Holistic rather than scamming:

Fellas, its high time now and you should concentrate on Holistically studying rather than Scamming. Because its a CBSE Board Exam so you cant predict anything. Questions can be asked from within too. so, be very careful.

5. Mix it up; don’t make it monotonous.

No one likes studying maths for 6 straight hours. Give yourself a mix of subjects each day so that you decrease your chances of losing interest really quickly. Most people are more productive in the morning, so try mixing up the time of day you tackle different subjects as well.

so, these were some of the tips which you can follow.

  • All The Best.
  • Shreya Nakra.

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