Tips to score 95+ in CBSE Class 10 chemistry.

Tips to score 95+ in CBSE Class 10 chemistry & Scoring good marks


Tips to score 95+ in CBSE Class 10 chemistry & Scoring good marks

Scoring good marks in chemistry depends on two things –

  1. How many marks you have been rewarded in Practicals. (Where you can easily get 28+ or 30).
  2. How you have completed your theoretical portion.

First of all, you have to complete your NCERT portion questions and have to do the practice of last 2 year papers.(minimum)

Since you still have quite a good time for revision and self-analysis you can follow these steps to make your success a sure victory.

  1. Find the weaker topics-

(According to you) which prevent you from scoring good marks or you are not confident with( this can easily be analyzed through your class tests and consulting with the subject teacher)

2. pay attention towards topics which need attention– 

Now, after analyzing your weaker points or the points which need proper attention. Its now time to start giving attention towards them as after preparing them further your confidence level will boost up.

3. It’s Time for Last years’ Papers:

Better go through last 5-7 year papers as its the max. that a variation pattern is observed in question. Solving previous years’ paper has its own advantages like:

  • It will help in self-analysis.
  • It will help you know your area which needs progress.
  • It will help you know about the pattern of paper.
  • Helps in maintaining time limit.

4. Mock Test:

 For final analysis consult Exam Idea it has all previous year questions and at end of each chapter a mock test ( Do them in the allotted time).

5. Keep yourself updated with syllabus:

 Not only for chemistry subject but rather you should keep yourself updated with the final exam syllabus so that you won’t regret later these are the tips as to keep oneself updated:
  • Bookmark official site of NCERT, CBSE etc.
  • Follow official site of  on Facebook, Google, And keep yourself updated.

6. Planning and plotting:


sounds so serious? yes, it is. planning is:

Where you are→ where you want to go.

Here through proper planning, you can plan in advance about:

  • Which section of the paper should be solved first.
  • which topic/chapter should be studied first.


7. Make a separate list of Formulas:


In chemistry, many students tend to forget formulas it can happen due to lack of regular revision. so, make it a habit of writing them down on a separate piece of paper and then, revise them regularly.

8. Other Tips:


  • Take proper sleep.
  • proper diet is paramount.
  • follow/ Do exercise regularly.
  • first complete your NCERT, then focus on other books.
  • First selfstudies, then group discussions.
  • confidence is good but overconfidence is dangerous.
  • Nib exam fear in the bud.

so, these were so of the tips which sound so basic but are really very important to follow.