Advantage of choosing science stream in class 11th

11th CBSE 11th Exam Tips Counselling

After facing board exam on 10th every student goes to their life’s toughest decision that is choosing subject in class 11th and this is the most important decision of student of their life it is very important to choose subject according to interested and all thing that you like to become in feet because choosing wrong subject make you regret in your whole life and it can also ruin your whole life as well careers so this is very important decision so make sure you choose your career according to point of interest. In this we are talking about choosing science stream in class 11th benefits.

There are many subject that on stung=dnet can choose according the interest that is science arts commerce etc very field and stream is best in their own and have lot of scope and one can choose subject according to their future planning to become engineer ,doctor C.A ,C.S etc

Every stream is unique and has their own advantages we can’t compare them according to their scope and other criterias bu only we give only suggestion this make student familiar with stream they willing to choose

So there are many Advantage of choosing science stream in class 11th

8 advantages of choosing science stream in class 11th are as follow

  1. It is true that every student has some fear of science and average student always run away from siciens but this subject also have fun and this make smarter intellectually strong and very important your problem solving ability increase.
  2. When you choose science stream you must study most common subject in it that is physics maths etcg this subject make you strong mentally because by this you thinking ability increase and your problem solving capacity also increase this make you vey benefit throughout your life.
  3. Science leads to progressive and remarkable developments. It has helped people find the cure to so many diseases, raise awareness, and has created infinite possibilities for us.
  4. Science lead to your overall development it also cure or are about many easiest and most of symptom when you’re belong to science stream it very important
  5. Science include such a huge topics that student who interested to go in search also and work for their interested
  6. Science is all about discover and creative thinking.and by this your thing skills troubleshooting capacity and many skills also increases.
  7. Science and Mathematics provide students with highly relevant skills that are applicable to almost any workplace. They offer a flexible foundation enabling students to attain highly respected and well paid jobs and guarantee them a secure future.
  8. engineering (IITs, NITs, BITS), Medical (AIIMS, CMC) or Basic Sciences (IISc), there are world class institutes in India where you can pursue higher education.