How To Set Study Time Table For Class 11 CBSE

How To Set Study Time Table For Class 11 CBSE

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while setting a Study Timetable we often get skeptical about-

  • How many hours should we study?
  • Which subject first?
  • Morning bird or a night owl?
  • How to maintain a Time balance between Theory and Practicals?

Here are some of the tips-


1. Planning is all Pervasive:

well, Do i need to even tell you why I’ve written planning in the first step? planning is all pervasive which means it is required in each and every part of life. And of course for setting up a timetable you need to plan everything out.

2. Choose a proper Format:

Do you know Niggas that Format is quite important as it will make your planning looks more attractive and attention seeking? so, steps for making proper format are:

  • Choose two different colors of pen.
  • make a line horizontally.
  • now make vertical lines, cutting/crossing horizontal one.
  • And now the table is made.

3. Time to fill your Time Table:

Now, after making the table it’s time to fill your timetable.

  • Write Name of weeks.
  • subject name.
  • proper time.(Study hour)
  • Break time between them.
  • Proper theory and practical timing and days.

4. Make is Flexible rather than rigid:

Your study timetable should be flexible rather than rigid. so, you while making it you should know how to make it Realist and achievable. You should also ensure proper checking and be controlling at the same time as if the thing can lead to disturbance of others.

5. Additional Things To Include:

While making a study Timetable you should also include some time for other things as this will cover up everything holistically. some other things can be-

  • The proper time for sleep.
  • Excercise/ yoga.
  •  your meal breaks.
  • other essential activities.

6. Recheck your Timetable:

After making your timetable now it’s time for you recheck it. keep these points in mind while doing so:

  • you have included Every subject properly.
  • All topics/ units are also well covered.
  • Time for proper Revision.
  • Different Timings for theory as well as practicals.

7. Keep a strict Check:

This is very important that you have to keep a strict check about following your Timetable. so, that you won’t end up regretting later. follow each and everything written carefully.

8. Update it Time to time:

You should update your timetable time to time. Everything needs updating from Phone to your Textbooks so, why not your Timetable.

           Update= Dynamic.

so, these were some of the tips which will definitely help you in making and keeping a strict check on your timetable.

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