syllabus of Business Studies for Class 11th(Part- 'A')

syllabus of Business Studies for Class 11th(Part- ‘A’)

11th CBSE

syllabus of Business Studies for Class 11th(Part- ‘A’)                 

Business Studies-


   Part A: Foundation of Business-

(50 MARKS.):


Unit 1: Nature and Purpose of Business:                (1st+2nd= 20 marks)


1.1: History of Commerce in India:

  • Indigenous Banking System.
  • A rise of Intermediaries, Transport, Trading Communities:
  • Merchant Corporations, Major Trade Centres, Major Imports and Exports, Position of Indian Sub-Continent in the World Economy.

1.2: Business Concept:

  • The concept includes meaning and features.
  • 1.3: Business, profession, and employment-Concept.
  •  1.4: Objectives of business.
  • 1.5: Classification of business activities – Industry and Commerce.
  • 1.6: Industry-types: primary, secondary, tertiary Meaning and subgroups.
  • 1.7: Commerce-trade:
  • (types-internal, external; wholesale and retail).
  • auxiliaries to trade; (banking, insurance, transportation, warehousing, communication, and advertising) – meaning.
  • Business risk-Concept.


UNIT 2:  Forms of Business Organizations:  (1st+ 2nd= 20 Marks)


  • 2.1: Sole Proprietorship-Concept, merits, and limitations.
  • 2.2: Partnership-Concept, types, merits and limitation of partnership, registration of a partnership firm, partnership deed. Types of partners.
  • 2.3: Hindu Undivided Family Business: Concept.
  • 2.4: Cooperative Societies-Concept, merits, and limitations.
  • Company– Concept, merits, and limitations; Types: Private, Public and One Person Company – Concept.
  • 2.6: Formation of company-stages, important documents to be used in the formation of a company.
  • 2.7: Choice of form of business organization.


UNIT-3: Public, Private and Global Enterprises:  (3rd+4th= 18 Marks)


  • 3.1: Public sector and private sector enterprises – Concept.
  • 3.2: Forms of public sector enterprises: Departmental Undertakings, Statutory Corporations, and Government Company.
  • Global enterprises (MNCs) – Features, Joint ventures, Public-private partnership – concept.


UNIT 4: Business Services:    (3rd+4th=18 marks)


  • 4.1: Business services and its types – Meaning. Banking: Types of bank accounts- savings, current, recurring, fixed deposit and multiple option deposit account.
  • 4.2: Banking services with particular reference to Bank Draft, Bank Overdraft, Cash credit. E-Banking meaning, Types of digital payments.
  • 4.3: Insurance-: Principles, Types –life, health, fire and marine insurance–concept.
  • 4.4: Postal Service-Mail, Registered Post, Parcel, Speed Post, Courier-meaning.


UNIT 5: Emerging Modes of Business: (5th+6th= 18 Marks)


  • 5.1: E-business (concept), scope and benefits.
  • 5.2: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Concept, need and scope.


UNIT 6: Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics: (5th+6th= 18 Marks)



  • 6.1: Concept of social responsibility.
  • 6.2: Case of social responsibility.
  • 6.3: Responsibility towards owners, investors, consumers, employees, government, and community.
  • 6.4: Environment protection and business-Meaning and role.
  • 6.5: Business Ethics-Concept and Elements.