Syllabus of Home Science For Class 11th.

Syllabus of Home Science For Class 11th & Introduction

11th home science

Syllabus of Home Science For Class 11th & Introduction                  


                                   (CLASS – XI)

                               SESSION: 2018-19

               (Human Ecology and Family Sciences)

No. Units No. of Pd. Marks
Introduction: Evolution of the discipline and its relevance 05
to the quality of life 22
1. Understanding oneself: Adolescence 55
2. Understanding Family, Community and Society 30 15
3. Childhood 40 15
4. Adulthood 50 18
Total 180 70
Practical 40 30
Grand Total 220 100

UNIT 1: Understanding Oneself: Adolescence:

Ch-2 Understanding the self-

  1. „Who am I‟?
  2. Development and Characteristics of the self.
  3.  Influences on identity-
  • Biological and physical changes.
  • Socio-cultural contexts.
  • Emotional changes.
  • Cognitive changes.

Ch-3 Food, nutrition, health and fitness-

  • Introduction, Balanced Diet, Health and Fitness, Using basic food groups for planning balanced diets, Vegetarian food guide, Dietary patterns in adolescence, modifying diet related behavior, Factors influencing eating behavior, Eating disorders at adolescence.


Ch-4 Management of resources

  • Time, money, energy and space- Introduction, Human and Non- Human Resources, Individual and shared resources, Natural and community resources, Characteristics of Resources, Managing resources, The management process.


Ch-5 Fabric around Us-

  • Introduction, Fibre properties, Classification of textile fibres, Yarns, Fabric production, Textile Finishing.


Ch-6 Media and communication technology-

  • Communication and communication technology, What is media? What is communication technology?


UNIT 2: Understanding Family, Community, and Society:

ch-7: Relationships and interactions with significant others:

  • Family.
  • School – peers and educators.
  • Community and Society.

Ch-8 Concerns and needs in diverse contexts:

Family, school, community and society Key areas:

  • Health, Nutrition and Hygiene- Introduction, Health and its dimensions, Health care, Indicators of Health, Nutrition and Health, Nutrients, Factors affecting nutritional well- being, Nutritional problems and their consequences, Hygiene and Sanitation.
  • Work, Worker and workplace- Introduction, Work, Worker, Workplace.
  • Resource availability and Management- Time Management, Space Management.

UNIT 3- Childhood:


Ch-9 Survival, Growth and Development-

  • Meaning, areas, stages in development.


Ch-10 Nutrition, Health, and Wellbeing-

  • Introduction, Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing during infancy; Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing of preschool children; Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing of school- age children, Factors that influence diet intake of pre-school age and school- age children, Healthy habits, Health & nutrition issues of school- age children.


Ch-11 Care and Education-

  • Introduction, Infancy & early childhood years, Meaning of care & education, Who provides Early childhood care & education (ECCE)? Care and education during middle childhood years, difficulties and nature of primary education.


Ch-12 Our Apparel-

  • Clothing functions and the selection of clothes, Factors affecting selection of clothing in India, Understanding children‟s basic clothing needs, Clothing requirements at different childhood stages, Clothing for children with special needs.

UNIT 4: Adulthood:

Ch-13 Health and Wellness

  • Health scenario in India, Healthy persons, Fitness, What is wellness? Dimensions of wellness, Stress and coping with stress.


Ch-14 Financial Management and Planning –

  • Introduction, Family Income, Types of family income, Importance of Money, Income Management, Budget, Control in money management, Savings, Investment, Savings & Investment avenues, Credit.


Ch-15 Care and Maintenance of Fabrics –

Introduction, Mending, Laundry, Stain removal, Finishing, Storage of textile products, Factors affecting fabric care, Care label.


Maximum Marks: 30

1. Understanding oneself: Adolescence 4 Marks
2. Understanding Family, Community and Society 4 Marks
3. Childhood 4 Marks
4. Adulthood 4 Marks
5. Project Work (Any Topic) 6 marks
6. Practical File 4 Marks
7. Viva 4 Marks