Best reference book for Board Exams for class 12th

Best reference book for Board Exams for class 12th

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Best reference book for Board Exams for class 12th

Best reference book for Board Exams for class 12th – As now CBSE Board Exams have been started and students are pulling an all-nighter so, it’s quite obvious that now they may have completed their full NCERT Syllabus. But hey! Do you know that only NCERT book is not enough for students to fetch good marks in their exams? so, after now what should they do? Now it’s time for them to concentrate on other books too if they to fetch good marks in their subject.

A student’s score in 10th and 12th Board exams has always been a barometer for admission into the best Business and Management Institutes of India. It’s clear how performing well in your senior secondary examinations is crucial.

To make the journey called ‘exams’ simpler for you, we’ve painstakingly compiled a list of the best reference books for Class 12 students from the CBSE board. What’s more? We’ve listed them subject-wise to help you select the one you like at one glance:-

  • Physics:

H.C Verma is a master-class for this subject, and I am quite confident of its potential. Apart from it, S.L Arora, Pradeep’s and Exam Idea are other great options. We strongly recommend ‘Exam Idea’ as it contains plenty of conceptual questions, which are more frequently asked in CBSE boards.


  • Chemistry:

Pradeep’s Chemistry is really helpful. You can use O.P. Tandon as a good reference too. However, you can use these reference books when you are done with going through NCERT as most of the times, it is enough.

  • Mathematics:

RS Aggarwal & ML Khanna are strongly recommended. For commerce students, Part 1 and 2 by RD Sharma has a great collection of problems. You could also refer to U-Like papers as mathematics is one of the most scoring subjects and you certainly don’t want to miss that opportunity.


  • Biology:

There’s S. Chand Publishing by BP Pandey. ‘Pradeep’s – A textbook for biology’ is also something you can completely rely on.


  • Economics:

Economics is an important part of commerce and humanities streams. Students can use the following books as reference.

For CBSE boards, students mostly opt for textbooks published by NCERT as they are officially recommended by the board. However, to understand different sub-topics, one must also refer to these books mentioned above.


  • English:

English should be prepared in the most functional manner. It is recommended to read the lessons and be sure of theme, characters and value points. NCERT textbooks for English; Flamingo and Vistas are enough for the literature section. You could also refer to U-like papers, previous year question papers and others sample papers during the prep time.

so, these were some of the best reference books for the students of class 12th. But one should keep it in mind that they first have to focus on their NCERT Books and then, further into other reference books.