Best Reference Book For Class 12th Bio

Best Reference Book For Class 12th Bio

12th CBSE CBSE CBSE School

Central Board of School Education (CBSE) conducts the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for Class 12 students.At that point their must be a proper guidance and  study material for almost every subject and can’t take one subject very lightly because overall percentage is depend on all individual when we talking about study material we recall all our coaching study material but apart from this best reference book is also necessary to score good marks in exam.when a student is in 12th class at that same time he/she is also preparing for  board as well as for competitive exam also. So there is proper guidance and material needed for student to secure good rank and good marks in 12th class the format of exam of board is very different from competitive exam is different because in competitive exam mcq are asked while in board full written paper is taken so at that same time both are very important. For this you prepare and give your 100% in both so there are some of best reference book we short for cbse biology

Ncert of biology

Ncert is one the best book for 12th as well as for competitive exam for board as well as for competitive exam because almost all topics are targeted form ncert only so you can go each and every chapter of ncert then you score very good marks in exam

  1. Chand Publishing by BP Pandey

This is also one of the best book for compitative exam because it almost cover all the topics present in ncert in very expandable way by which student go very deeply and understand  the fundamental and concept behind everything in biology in very interesting way because it also provide color pictures in it by which you can understand very easily and very carefully,so you can also go for s.chand for biology aloso.

Pradeep’s – A textbook for biology

You can also go for this book also because it also inspired from ncert and almost all topic it cover from ncert and it provide very understandable language that a student can understand easily without any dictionary so you can also go for it when your are comfortable onl with to indian author book which cover almost all topics from the ncert .


1)NCERT solution biology-Arihant

Ncert solution by ARIHANT is best book if you focus on ncert.although ncert book is sufficient for biology  but you can for it also to prepare in better way because it provide solution of all ncert questions in very easy way so you can go for it also.


2)Sample paper and 100% success

f you want to secure good marks in biology you must go for this book because it provide best sample paper and previous year question paper also so you can practice very to perform best in exam.