Best Way to score above 90% in CBSE class 12th.

12th CBSE

Best Way to score above 90% in CBSE class 12th.

Almost Every Student want to score Above 90% on their Board Exams. But have you ever wonder that when the teacher teaches everyone same content then, how the marks of students can vary. This is because of their self-studies. How much they dedicate themselves to their studies.Here are some of the tips which you can follow to achieve above 90% on your Board Exams:

1. Time Management> Time Table:

We have been making timetable from the point when we have started studying. so, now when your board exams have started you need to lay more emphasis on Time Management. Now you have to manage your time in such a way that along with your studies you can manage other things too like:

  • proper time for sleeping.
  • Balanced Diet.
  • Exercise/yoga.
  • Proper Time Gap between your studies hours.

so, these are some of the things which need Attention while studying.

2. Complete your NCERT syllabus:

If you’ve read my previous articles then, you might have noticed that I’ve always paid more emphasis on Completing your NCERT syllabus first. As your NCERT book cover the maximum marks.

  • Physics: Read the concepts and solve the derivations. Yes, write those down. The derivations are something which cannot be memorized. Rather Understand them and write them. Prepare a small notebook containing the derivations and the formulas. Solve the “Intextquestions that come along the way in the chapter. The unsolved ones at the back need not be solved.
  • Chemistry: The only subject where you will need to memorize things. So, do that smartly. Repetition will cause memorization. Write down all the important equations in case of Organic Chemistry, write the properties of blocks in case of Inorganic chemistry on a sheet of paper and stick that right in front of you, where you study and keep the formulas needed for physical chemistry. Solve the questions within the chapters.
  • Maths: Needless to mention, you need to solve and solve and solve. You need to be aware of every type of question and surprise! NCERT books provide that. Stick to just this, no other books.

3. Last Years’ Paper:

After completing your CBSE syllabus thoroughly. Now it’s time for you to solve previous year papers. It has many advantages:

  • Make you Familiar with a pattern.
  • you will know your preparations.
  • Boost your confidence Level.
  • Areas which need Attention.

so, after completing your NCERT syllabus you should start solving previous/last year question papers.

4. Mix and Match:

Don’t take easy subjects at once. Instead, you should start studying Easy subject first followed by tough subject. This will be a  Warm-up for the brain. so, Always study one easy and another hard subject. This trick up helps you covering two subjects simultaneously. 

5. Don’t have too much on your plate:

keep your plate clean or your mind clean. Unclutter things which are futile. Don’t just try to consume everything at a time instead of making proper planning and then, work accordingly. Learning everything in a day is not going to help you.

so, these were some of the Realistic tips which will definitely help you in scoring marks above 90%.