Easy way to solve 12th (CBSE) mathematics Paper

Easy way to solve 12th (CBSE) mathematics Paper

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MATHEMATICS is one of the most scoring subjects in your course. But to get good marks in this subject you have to study well throughout the year and most importantly you have to perform well on the exam day.

Here I mention little tips and tricks that help you to solve the 12th(CBSE) mathematics paper easily:

Before the exam day:

  • Sleep well before the exam day. Keep your body and mind relaxed.
  • Try to review important topics and formula at a glance in the early morning of the exam day.
  • Be confident. Be relaxed.It will help to remember everything during the exam.

During the exam:

  • In first 15 minutes which is allotted as reading time, select the appropriate question to be solved in which internal choices have been provided. Do not waste time to select question later.
  • Always choose easy questions. Even if you are able to solve any difficult one don’t go for it. In the exam, you just need good marks, no need to prove your ability to solve the difficult problem. If you get stacked in any difficult problem, it will decrease your confidence and your overall performance will go down.
  • Generally, Maths question is a little bit lengthy, but 3hours time will be enough if you practised well throughout the year.
  • If you are unable to solve a question, don’t stick with it. Leave a space and skip it for that time being. You will get enough time to solve it later.
  • Try to write neat and clean. Write all the formula that you used to solve the problem. Do not skip any step. You may lose marks for those.
  • If any question you are not able to solve during the exam time, don’t cut this and try to solve this as many steps as you known. You may get some part marking for this.
  • From the beginning of the exam solve your paper as fast as you can without mistake. Most of cases students start slowly and then unable to solve the whole paper or do mistakes in last moment to solve it quickly.
  • Time management is the most important thing during the exam. I suggest you, start with ‘6’ marks question. Generally, those questions are lengthy, but 1hour is enough amount of time to solve this. In next 80 minutes, complete ‘4’ marks questions. In next 10 minutes solve the objective question. Now solve those questions which you leave in previous (if any). Revise your whole paper in last 10-15minutes
  • These are the effective way to solve 12th CBSE mathematics paper, but there are no specific rules to solve the paper. On the exam day, you just need skill, speed and accuracy to get good marks. You may try your own strategy in your exam. But be sure about your strategy.


Most importantly than all of this you need to keep calm and cool and relaxed. Don’t think about the result of the exam. Keep faith in your ability and hard work.

Cheers! And Best of luck for your exam.

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