How to score passing marks CBSE 12th examination

How to score passing marks CBSE 12th examination

12th CBSE

How to score passing marks CBSE 12th examination

Central Board of Secondary Education recently in January releases the date sheet for the class 12th examination for the session 2018 is it is not at all possible that all the students get merit marks in the class 12th board examination even many students are only hope to just getting only passing marks in the 12th board examination so here in the below article we are providing you some tips and tricks about which you can work for getting passing marks in the CBSE board for the session 2018 while studying in that entire enough time so follow the below article carefully

Passing the CBSE class 12th board examination is not at all a big deal you have to score a good percent in each subject which is too much easier if you are funny PCM stream it is probably scored in your practical exam which means around 28 to 29 months are already got in chemistry and physics you have to secure at least 23 marks which is not at all very tough if you have focusing on three to four important chapters which maths average of 23 marks then it is very easy for you 2 just passed the examination pH us even it is very easy for you to pass in the theoretical paper of Physics and Chemistry which will later on added to your final result

You may go for practice the previous year question papers because every year many questions got repeated or may some question asked repeatedly and download the CBSE sample papers that are published by the CBSE on their official platform for the students they may helps you a lot for getting clear your doubts and making a manage your time period at the time of examination go through the sample papers for your final preparation

For Chemistry subject you may go for all the important reaction learn them by heart you can go for learn all the formulas and the important terms and focus on chapters which maximum wattage of marks

For mathematics and physics you can go for various types of derivations and the diagrams for the Physics and even you will cover only magnetism and electricity for physics me enough to getting you passed in that subject

For mathematics you have to go for all the important formulas previous year question paper plus two to three chapters that have maximum weightages so as to convert them into final passing numbers

So from the above guidelines you may go with the respective chapters and the above data search to get you passed for final examination All the above instructions are to be followed so as to get sure chance of getting past and if you have any query related to the above that are you may also Tech helps from our official platform bye rising a question there we are providing the best options for the student to get them achieve their target with full of confidence and dedication

All the best for your exams