Start with the easiest subject- By starting with the easiest you can get a flow and the subjec

How to set study time table for class 12th & Courses Books

12th CBSE

How to set study time table for class 12th :

  • Start with the easiest subject– By starting with the easiest you can get a flow and the subject then seems interesting and then later gradually move to harder subjects.
  • Study daily– You should study daily in a routine manner at least for 4 to 5 hours by studying daily seems less and you get more perfect.
  • Work more on your weakest subject– It is very necessary to devote your more time to the weakest subject so that you can get a good command over that subject.
  • Cover every subject– Don’t miss out any subject, work equally on each and every subject.
  • Avoid stress and mental burden- You can’t study efficiently if you have stress and you will not be able to concentrate properly. Hence, to avoid such situation when should have a proper sleep and rest, and to improve more your performance one can also meditate.
  • Use less social media– Just don’t stop using it but use much less because it’s your boards time you can’t take it for granted.
  • Make time table suiting your day- Set goals for in how much day you will complete the chapter and assign the hours and shifts on which subject you will work. This will give a view that how well are you working and what improvements do you need.
  • Set realistic goals– Unrealistic goals will only lead to disappointment so to further avoid such situation only set goals that you can accomplish and you have to work hard in order to achieve it.
  • Understand when you study better- Either you are a morning person or a night person. This means that in which time you are able to concentrate more , some people are able to study in early morning while others like studying in night, so differentiate between it and study according to it because it will help you concentrate more.
  • First complete Course books-
    Don’t use any supplementary books until and unless you are completed with the course books. Or even if you’re using any refresher books only use two not more than that.
  • Make notes hand to hand- this will make you memorise better and provide you with your own notes that you can use later two revise.
  • Solve sample papers- Solve more and more sample papers to get to view that how the questions will come in the examination it will take you one step closer to your goal.
  • Practice ,practice, practice- Practice makes man perfect, the more you practice , the better are the results. Thus, subjects like maths , chemistry, physics requires more practice than any other subject. So you can’t avoid these subjects.
  • Best key to memorize- If you often forget what you have read last day then you must follow this tip to make your brain memorise better. What you have to do is just revise the next day what you have read. Such repeated acts will eventually make it to last life long.

So here is the beginning of the 12th class pull up your socks and get determined of what you have to achieve . If you will prepare from the beginning the burden will get less. And remember you are not competing in your school you’re competing with the whole India. And never ever the marks of others let affect you, you only have to compete with yourself that you were yesterday make it better for the next day.
You should always keep yourself motivated in spend time with your family release your stress and to stay up motivated every time.