How to set Time-Table for Class 12th & Know Your Syllabus

How to set Time-Table for Class 12th & Know Your Syllabus

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How to set Time-Table for Class 12th & Know Your Syllabus

The class 12th board examinations are considered as the most significant test not only because the competition is quite stiff but they also open a gateway to the real world. There will be nothing wrong in saying that the Class 12th board exams are the pinnacle of examination system’s evolution in our country. Every student aspire to score well in this assessment as it lays down the ground work for your upcoming adventures and can also be considered as the beginning of your journey to realise the dream of that long imagined college life.

In order to score well in the board examination you need to prepare well. School and coaching classes may cover the whole syllabus but if you are not setting sails towards a path of self-study then all your and your teachers’ efforts will go down the drain. The key to success in any examination is ‘Self-Study’. Self-study requires a stringently followed Timetable that you and only you can legislate, execute and follow. Here are some tips that will assist you in your preparations for these vital and essential examinations.





The foremost important thing is to know your syllabus thoroughly. Understand CBSE’s marking scheme and weightage for your stream. It is really essential for you to prioritise every topic and chapter according to their respective weightage. Another important tip is to always start with your strong points and establish an even stronger grip on them, only then start working on removal of the weak links.




One of the most essential decisions a student has to make is ‘Choosing the suitable study material’. Many students head out in wrong direction by underestimating the value of NCERT books and they directly move on to secondary sources such as reference books, online websites (Merination, Byju’s etc.). This is a common mistake and shouldn’t be encouraged; you should always triumph over NCERT first and only then move on to supplementary material.




Here comes the most important of all, drafting an effective Timetable. Once Winston Churchill famously said “If you are failing to plan, then you are planning to fail”, this quote wonderfully explains the importance of preparations needed in order to face any hurdle in life. While drafting a timetable you should keep the ‘strict factor’ under control. You should not go for an extremely rigorous one. Exaggeration of your capabilities will do no good. The ideal span of concentration is around 7-8 hours, so anything beyond that will be a wasted effort. Try to distribute your time equally to different subjects, do not try to cover a single subject in one go as this can make your mind go stale. Therefore, always study at least 3 subjects per day.

Tip: Refrain from using any social media platforms.




Always try to keep small targets as achieving them will give you a great deal of confidence. For e.g. If a chapter has 9 topics then don’t try to think far ahead and stress about completing the whole chapter instead divide the chapter into 3 targets of 3 topics each, achieving these small targets will make the completion of the chapter a lot easier.




A wholehearted effort should never go unnoticed. Therefore, you should find a way to relax in-between the study time. You should try to reward yourself after achieving your targets (Mentioned above), this could mean anything such as eating your favourite cookie, drinking coffee, checking score if India is playing etc.  Rewards will make your work effective and efficient.


Well, that’s all the tips that you’ll need to ace the class 12th board examinations. Even though these examinations are very important but always remember life is full of opportunities.