How to set timetable for class 12th? & Tips For Better Preparation

How to set timetable for class 12th? & Tips For Better Preparation

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How to set timetable for class 12th? & Tips For Better Preparation

To achieve good marks in class 12th board exams you need to get a solid start with best management throughout the year. Today we guide you through few steps by which you can achieve good marks , you just have to manage your time and stick to your principle.

CBSE is one of most crucial exams in student’s life as its a stepping stone to a new career ahead , lakhs of students gives 12th board but only few gets to score best.

So here are the tips for better preparation :-

1) Know your syllabus :- 

Always research about the subjects you have to read throughout the year , Make the list of all the subjects and checkout there marking scheme & important chapters .

You can purchase helpbook of various subject in which you feel some difficulty.

2) Books :-

Most important part of study is selection of books , more important you should purchase best writers book that will help you in studies. Always remember NCERT is the best book you should solve in order to gets better marks , as CBSE conducts exam and official books prescribed by CBSE is NCERT. Helpbooks are just for your guidance your core focus should be on NCERT.

3) Revision and Regular Test :- 

You will never finish your course without revising it regularly , when you done with a chapter always revise it regularly and solve sample question papers.Always make a target ie. completes 1 chapter in 1 week or completing 1 chapter in 2 weeks , this will surely help you in future. After completing your course you can purchase sample question paper and solve according to time given.

4) Sample Papers :- 

It is necessary to solve chapterwise sample question that can be asked in boards or after completion of whole syllabus , you can check your preparation and improve your timing/question , also helps you to solve different varieties on question on a single topic.Start taking mock exam that will improve your speed and you can check how long you take to solve a complete paper , but surely after completing your syllabus because if you solve sample paper without completing your syllabus it will decrease your confidence.

5) Time Management :-

Divide your time equally to all subjects , always remember everyone gets 24 hours only and it’s upto you how you utilise it.It is also important during exam time when you have to solve paper in 3 hours and you have to make strategy accordingly. Hard subject (according to you ) should be given more practice than easy ones.

6) Time Table :-

Always make a time table and follows that strictly , make it easy that you can follow it and rest is also an important factors in it.Give every subject a place in your timetable on daily basis.

(You can also paste topper marks on your timetable that will give you motivation to score more)

7) Self-Confidence :-

Most important , last but not the least , always believe in yourself that you can score well and accordingly you can plan on your goals. Always does the smartwork not hardwork.

I hope guys that this post helps you to understand how to study or set your base for finale.