How you can score 100/100 marks in maths Class 12th

How you can score 100/100 marks in maths Class 12th

12th CBSE

How you can score 100/100 marks in maths Class 12th

Mathematics can be a nightmare to some students whereas fun for some others. It is basically because of the same reason. You either get it completely right or entirely wrong. It’s not like a language subject wherein there can be a maybe. And that is also the reason that it is definitely possible to score 100/100 marks in maths.
How can you score 100/100 marks in maths-

1. Practice Formulas and theorems:

yes, the paramount step is to practice formulas and theorems thoroughly. One should learn and memorize formulas properly. so, that you don’t have to waste your time during the exam while pondering over it.

same is the case with theorems that you should try to solve each theorem which is available in your NCERT Book.


2. Solve Practice Papers:

Do you know that ” The more you solve the practice papers (from online resources – ” online tests series”) the more confidence you would gain towards scoring the best grades”?

You need not wait for your teachers to complete the Math portion before you start solving these practice papers. As you go on solving these different math sections, you will find all the respective questions in the practice papers. Hence, by solving these practice papers you can make your math preparation effective and easy too.

3. Time Management:

Time management is one of the most important skills which every student should possess not only for maths subject but for other subjects too. Every student must know how to set a study timetable for maths subject and how to manage time during their maths exam.

4. Proper Ratio between Theory and practicals:

This is the most mainstream mistake which is usually done especially in maths subject. the subject also pays more emphasis on practicals leaving behind the theoretical portion. so, they should also try to maintain a proper ratio between their practicals as well as theory.

5. Other Tips:

  • Revision is necessary. So, always keeps on revising whatever you have done or the exercise you have completed.
  • Solve at least one question from each type.

  • If your preparing for Jee than Ncert is more than enough. If not, then you may need an extra book.
  •  Do the miscellaneous exercise without fail.
  • A paper must be completed by 2:30 mins, i completed by 2:15. Target 2 hours in practice papers.
  • Don’t stretch too long on a particular question. If you don’t know leave it to do it afterward.

so, these were some of the tips for the students of class 12th. They should definitely follow them to secure full marks.