How To Crack Cbse Board Exam (2018-2019)

How To Crack Cbse Board Exam (2018-2019)

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Central board of secondary education has announced the date sheet of Board Exams. The board exams for class 12th will start from March 5, 2018 (Monday) and conclude on April 13, 2018 (Friday). Approximately 11.86 Lakh students will appear for the Board Exams this year. It’s indubitable that facing Board Exams leads to the problem of Anxiety, depression, and despondency among students. The competition is cutthroat and by nailing this exam they will get the tickets for their further admissions. while preparing for their board exams students forget some essential tips which can further mess up their preparations. so, here are a few tips to remember through which one can not only crack their exams but also can ace it-

1keep yourself updated with syllabus- 

keep yourself updated with syllabus

Remember the time when your teacher in the class told you to add new topics which were not given on your books but included? And were just dabbling. And later when you solve previous years’ paper you couldn’t find the answer. well, this can lead to a serious problem while giving exams. so, always remember to keep yourself updated before even starting the preparations.                                                                                          TIP:-  Always write a syllabus (full) on a paper and paste in on your wall/wardrobes so that you don’t have to face problem while searching it later.

2.  study Holistically not superficially

study Holistically not superficially

These are board exams so you cannot take a risk by slacking off. Gone are those days when you were in small classes and you study topics according to your wish and capacity. but this time you have to go through each line/topic thoroughly and understands its meaning. A cursory look will not be beneficial for you to fetch the good marks.

3.complete your NCERT books first

complete your NCERT books first

I’ve seen students in a perplexed situation because they cant decide from which book they should study. They keep on changing books for every single topic. And ultimately this will lead to a greater confusion and chaos. If you will read the answers of board exams toppers then, you can easily understand they have first covered their NCERT syllabus and then later have switched too other.

4.mix match your subjects-

mix match your subjects

This is a fun trick. you can mix match your subjects as you do with your food. you can make your timetable mixing theory subjects with the practical one. so, that if you feel bored by studying theory continuously then you can start doing your practical subject (vice- versa) without wasting your time. so, through this trick, you can balance the preparation of both practicals as well as theory simultaneously.

5. solve other question banks-

solve other question banks


After completing your NCERT book you should now try to solve other previous year papers. you can also solve online papers on the internet. plus you can also solve other books which are available for different subjects.

     Here are some more tips which you can follow for cracking your Exams-

  • You should look after your diet taking a healthy and proper diet will help you stay healthy and your brain active.
  • Don’t forget to Excercise. If you are physically fit, there are fewer chances that you will be tired or feel fatigue fast.
  • proper sleeping is necessary you should sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
  • learning and revision should be done on a regular basis because cramming a day before the exam will not help you if you want to ace your exams.
  • cut off all social media as much as possible.

so, these are some Tips which will surely help you to crack your board Exams. so, don’t fret and ALL THE BEST. ( Don’t forget to thank me later)

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