Tips for Board Exam Preparation for PHYSICS

Tips for Board Exam Preparation for PHYSICS

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well, first all of ALL THE BEST to everyone who will face Board Exams this year and well wishes for your future.

                           why is physics important?

Physics helps us to understand how the world around us works, from can openers, light bulbs and cell phones to muscles, lungs, and brains; from paints, piccolos, and pirouettes to cameras, cars, and cathedrals; from earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes to quarks, DNA, and black holes.

Physics, is, was and always will be a big subject to all Science students appearing for board exams. The main reason for this is that the topic you have to study is a bit vast, and you need a good strategy to nail it. so, here are some realistic tips to follow-

  1. Download OYE EXAM app from Google/play store-

It’s time to stay smart and play ahead by downloading the app oye exam. This app is very useful as it contains-

  • Papers in offline mode. once you download a paper then, the internet will not be required.
  • Trend Analysis of each chapter.
  • All Textbooks
  • Question Bank
  • Latest syllabus.

2. Learn all the formulas by heart-

when it comes to physics, formulas play an important role. so, it’s very important for students to learn formulas so that they don’t mug up everything during their exams. As it’s not possible to learn every formula at a time because it will create chaos and confusion. so the better way is to write it down on a separate sheet chapter/topic wise so, that while doing chapters you can revise it too.

3. First, cover the scoring topics- 

It is a prudent stand to cover maximum or more marks questions first. In physics-

  • Optics is the most scoring topic (14 marks), study it well both wave and ray optics.
  • Come over to electrostatics (8 marks), really easy if you understand the basics, so start with very easy basic and reasoning questions to understand the chapter well and then move on to tougher questions.

4. Try to solve Each and Every Derivation-

In physics, derivations play an important role to try to solve each and every derivation. you should try to cover derivations not only from your ncert books but from other books and last year questions papers too.

5. work on your presentations

As we know that physics is not merely a practical subject but theoretical too. so, you should try to work on your presentation skills too. your answer should not be wordy but should be precise and presentable. you should make diagrams with a pencil and scale if needed. Good and clean writing will create a positive effect on the examiner while checking the copy.

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