Top 7 best career options for science student after class 12th

Top 7 best career options for science student after class 12th

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Top 7 best career options for science student after class 12th

Science is an art a career in this field of science makes you attractive with various technical statistical and logical interpretation with various scenarios So here  provides you some of the most hottest science career options for a student after class 12th .It can be seen that basically 20 lakh students appear in board exams all over India and only 25% of these are getting chances to Getting higher studies and your chances of getting interest towards this subject makes them successful .I am talking about that 25% and besides all these 25% vs 75% students are not getting enough counselling to get better career options in their life and many of them unable to proceed further for your career .So here in the below article we will provide you all the info about career in the field of science and top career options in the field of science MBBS  and Engineering So let’s come to the point


Engineering is a fairy tales from the construction of the buildings to the automobiles to the Telecom engineers request sites with almost all the areas of human Endeavour

Engineering as a field is really one of the best career option for any student a lots of hierarchy are there in the field of Engineering so you may go for them from our respective posts



Doctor a word from our birth to our death starts from Dr a lots of students still dream as a doctor comes true for Millions but not at all for everyone

Various state colleges providing the programs for MBBS for various students from various reservation categories so medicine is also one of the most wonderful and the second best line for the student in the field of science


India is basically known as the Pharma Industry which about 25000 manufacturing units and according to Government statistics one fifth of them maths in a bulk of trunks candidates who possesses 10 + 2 with physics chemistry biology maths are able to admitted themselves in the program of Pharmacy as a Bachelor of Pharmacy program with a great career option the degree includes 4 year in the bachelor of Pharma and after which it may go for diploma in pharmacy for 2 years and for master in pharmacy as well

Allied Medical

Allied medical a word new for some guys but the word deals with various Para Medical professionals like optometry,radiography lab,Technology Physiotherapy,occupational therapy and rehabilitation and some of these are the prominent disciplines under the category of allied medicals all the necessary tasks for example various tests are done by the allied medical specialist only


Study of earth crust and everything related to the structure process including organism study it is she comes under the category ofgeology various students are interested and study in this field at a lot software opportunities and get a great job in the field of geology

Courses offered in the field of geology by various government colleges are as follows

Bachelor of Science in Geology

BSc in Geology ownership

Diploma in Environmental geology

diploma in Engineering geology

diploma in Geology groundwater


Biotechnology deals with various modifying processor and 2 developed various microorganisms for specific users to make living more comfortable various entrance exams are held by various Institute to get admission in the field of biotechnology some of the most employed sources in the field of biotechnology medical biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology