Syllabus of Home Science For Class 12th (Practical).

Syllabus of Home Science For Class 12th (PRACTICAL).

12th syllabus

Syllabus of Home Science For Class 12th (PRACTICAL).           


                        CLASS XII (2018 – 19)


                           Maximum Marks: 30


  • Human Development: Life Span Approach (Part II):
  • Identify the problems of adjustment of adolescents with the help of a tool (group activity) and make a report.
  • Spend a day with an aged person and observe the needs and problems. Write a report.
  • List and discuss at least 4 areas of agreement and disagreement of self with:-
  • (i). Mother.
  • (ii). Friends.
  • (iii). Father.
  • (iv). Siblings.

  • (2). Nutrition for Self, Family, and Community:
  • Record one day diet of an individual and evaluate it against principles of the balanced diet.
  • Plan a meal and modify for any one physiological condition – Fever, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Jaundice, Hypertension, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Lactations, Old age and Infants. Prepare a dish.
  • Identify food adulteration: using visual and chemical methods; Turmeric, Chana Dal, Bura Sugar, Milk, Tea leaves, Coriander, Black Pepper Seeds, Desi-ghee.
  • Prepare ORS Solution.


  • (3) Money Management and Consumer Education:
  • Collect and fill savings account opening form in Post Office and Bank.
  • Fill up the following forms and paste in file: Withdrawal slip, Deposit slips, Draft slip and cheque (bearer of A/c payee).
  • Collect labels of any three products and compare them with mandatory requirements.
  • Prepare one label each of any three items bearing ISI, FPO, Agmark.


  • (4). Apparel: Designing, Selection and Care:
  • Illustrate principles of design or elements of art on a paper or cloth and evaluate them.
  • Removal of different types of stains: tea, coffee, curry, grease, blood, lipstick, ball pen.
  • Examine and evaluate readymade garments for their workmanship. [at-least two].
  • Make sample of Hemming, Backstitch, Interlocking, and Press buttons, hooks and eye.


  • (5). Community Development and Extension:
  • Visit any two places (home/restaurant/school/business centre, etc.) and observe its measure for safe drinking water and general conditions of hygiene around it.