CBSE Class 9th biology Important Topics PDF

CBSE Class 9th biology Important Topics PDF

9th Class CBSE

CBSE Class 9th biology Important Topics PDF

CBSE Class 9th biology Important Topics: Below article Focuses on various important topics for class 9th biology CBSE students for the final preparation of examination. Topics are more preferable for the Advanced preparation for the exam.

All the below Topics updated by our experienced faculty and an experienced team for providing you the best preparation for your final examination. The below articles contains all the important topics which are mostly and have maximum chances for asking in the examination.



CBSE Class 9th biology Important Topics

• Contribution of schlieden and Schwann

• Example of unicellular and multicellular organism

• Do practice by labelling the structure of cell, mitochondria, plastid, and compound microscope

• Difference between animal and plant cell

• What is the similarity between plastid and mitochondria

• Structure of neuron with its all parts labelled

  • . Like plant tissue there are different types of tissues found in animals. Given are the following tissues. Define the following terms and mention the places where they are found.
    • Epithelial tissue
    • Squamous epithelium
    • Cuboidal epithelium
    • Columnar epithelium in the intestine
    • Glandular epithelium
  • What type of tissue is blood
  • What is the function of adipose connective tissue
  • Examples of Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
  • Organisms are eukaryote or prokaryote
  • Organisms are unicellular or multicellular
  • Mode of nutrition
  • Examples of organism
  • Biotic and abiotics components
  • Concept of greenhouse effect
  • What are CFCs? The adverse effects of CFCs
  • Different ways of crop improvement
  • What is hybridization?
  • Different types of cereals, pulses, and oil seeds with their crop examples
  • List the macro and micro nutrients


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