How to Prepare for Medical Entrance Exams like AIIMS/JIPMER

How to Prepare for Medical Entrance Exams like AIIMS/JIPMER


Preparing for a medical entrance exams is not an easy task but not to difficult too that many student thinks off. Following right and proper way of preparation will surely helps a student to crack the exam.

Cracking exams is quite easy but securing sufficient marks to get admission in medical college requires sleepless efforts. Approx 550+ marks are required out of 720 for getting admission in medical college.

Different strategy should be applied for different subjects i.e. biology, physics and chemistry.



About 50% of total questions are asked in exam are from biology so it’s necessary to secure marks as high as possible in this subject.

– It’s better to start with those chapters which are typical and requires a lot of revision and a no. of questions are asked from them too eg. classification,  plant antaomy and morphology etc.

– Chapters like animal physiology and Ecology are lenthy but easy to understand and revising such chapters 2 times is sufficient in comparison to chapters like classification.

– Also remember in a first attempt to understand any chapter don’t rest on the topic which you can’t understand, just mark it, first complete the full chapter because sometimes as we move on towards the end of the chapter our understanding of the previous topics increases and many of our doubts are self cleared. Further this also helps us to correlate the beginning topics with the later one. These all boost our understanding about the topic.

– Attempt previous year questions only after completing the whole chapter not after a particular topic in that chapter.  It surely enhances your question solving approach.

– It’s better to complete many chapters from a single book in comparison of completing one chapter from many books. Refer sidebooks only after completing a sufficient amount of syllabus. However you may attempt questions from several sources at a time.



– Quite interesting to note that as hard as the chapter is, more easy or superficially the question is asked from that chapter.

– So try not to leave any topic in physics. Sometimes very easy question like just based on formula or a knowledge based fact is asked from that chapter.

– So it is advised to have a look at all chapters whether hard or easy.

– If you have sufficient time for preparation then not only remember the formula but also go through their derivations. Understanding how a formula derives will surely strengthens your concept and helps you to understand how to start solving a numerical.

– The more no. of questions you encounter, the more chances there will be of securing good marks in this section.

– Some questions involves the use of concept from two or more chapters, though such type of questions are rarely asked. But practising such type of questions is also important.


– Organic chemistry – This section requires basic concepts and a lot of practice.

– Physical chemistry – This is a numerical portion and it requires basic concepts with formulas and practising more and more no. of questions.

– There are some chapters like polymers, solid state which are theoretical but a no. of questions are asked from these chapters so strongly prepare these chapters.

– Chapters like equilibrium are lenthy and typical too but are very important from exam point of view.

– It’s better to prepare chapters at random i.e. one typical chapter and then one comparatively easy chapter. During preparing easy chapter daily revise formulas and important topics and solve some numerical problems related to previously prepared typical chapter. It surely enhances your question solving approach. Such strategy can also be applied for physics and biology too.

Preparing for exams like AIIMS need a special emphasis on the assertion- reasoning type questions which requires very well cleared basic concepts with a lot of practice of such type of questions.

That’s all about how to prepare for the medical entrance exams.

One important thing to be kept in mind that never take too much stress as it only waste time  ( you may have already experienced it at some point in your life too ).

Keep calm and spend some time daily in that type of activities  which keeps your mind fresh and body healthy.

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