About Automobile Engineering And Future Scope

About Automobile Engineering And Future Scope & Course Subjects

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About Automobile Engineering And Future Scope & Course Subjects

Automotive engineering, along with aerospace engineering and marine engineering, is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems. It also includes modification of vehicles. Manufacturing domain deals with the creation and assembling the whole parts of automobiles is also included in it.The automotive engineering field is research -intensive and involves direct application of mathematical models and formulas. The study of automotive engineering is to design, develop, fabricate, and testing vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to production stage. Production, development, and manufacturing are the three major functions in this field.


Automotive Design and Manufacturing
CAD/CAM Technology in Automotive Engineering
Engine Principles
Engineering Analysis & Numerical Methods
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
fuel and Emission Control Systems
Manufacturing Methods
Modern Vehicle Technology
Operations Research
Industrial Management Service and Management

Diploma in Automotive Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive Engineering
Bachelor of Technology in Automotive Engineering
Master of Technology in Automotive Engineering
Master of Technology in Automotive Engineering


*Engine systems
*Electronics and control systems
*Fuel technology and emissions
*Fluid mechanics
*Rapid prototyping
*Alternative fuels
*Computer-based systems and electronics
*Emissions control
*Vehicle and pedestrian safety or supply chain management.

Job Roles

The industry offers many challenging and interesting roles to skilled professionals. Some of the common job roles include:

Designing, development and manufacturing of vehicles
Creating blueprint of vehicles and its components
Maintenance and Services Engineers in automobile workshops, aircraft industries, aviation, marine vessels, and diesel power stations

Salary Range

The salary package of an engineer depends on many factors like size of the organization, profile, qualification, experience and company location (India or abroad).It also depends on your institute from where you have completed your engineering. Typically, students from IITs or NITs earn more than those graduated from a private college.

The salary for beginners is approximately 15, 000 – 20, 000 per month. An experienced engineer can earn more than 1, 00, 000 (approx) per month.

so choose your stream and put all of your things into it to fly into the sky….