Preparation tips for BIT-SAT Exam?

Preparation tips for BIT-SAT Exam? And JEE Exam


Preparation tips for BIT-SAT Exam? And JEE Exam        


If you are wondering how different are preparations for BITSAT and JEE, it should be understood that both these entrance examinations solely demand a perfect knowledge of the basic concepts of the subject. While JEE probes into lengthier questions and more in-depth analysis, BITSAT limits itself to shorter but far trickier questions. Also, BITSAT has slightly lesser chapters in its bag as compared to JEE syllabus, focusing only on the important ones. But you may want to dedicate separate time for both these examinations as you close their respective dates. There are number of such insights into the exam paper which make it important for a candidate to know the bitsat tips and tricks.


1. Shorter Questions First:

While gearing up for BITSAT 2018, don’t waste time solving lengthier questions, but root for questions which are more concept based. You must have all formulas and equations (algebraic and chemical alike) on your fingertips. Know that almost seventy percent of the question paper is formula based. Few scoring questions can be as easy as calculating wavelength for an electron to jump from shell n=2 to n=3 or the time for the free fall of a ball tossed in the air.


2. Equal Time for Each Subject:

Of the three hours of the examination, spend no more than half an hour on Chemistry so that you can devote more time to other sections. Since mathematics is time consuming, it may eat up as much as sixty to eighty minutes; the rest being saved for Physics, English and Logical Reasoning. What you need to absorb is that, unlike JEE, all questions hold same weightage. This gives you a very sharp advantage of focusing on solving shorter questions before lengthier ones. Questions pertaining to English and Logical Reasoning do not require calculation but only analysis. Hence, these together should not be allowed more than thirty to forty five minutes of your time.


3. Exam Simulation:

BITSAT 2018 is an online test and candidates who are used to pen-paper approach experience a lot of difference while giving the test online. The lack of being capable to refer to any question of choice makes online tests especially challenging. What I found funny was that the examination provides you with only limited sheets for rough work! Preparing yourself for such last minute alterations must be done well before hand. Equip your preparation with sufficient online BITSAT mock test series to understand the difference from a written examination.


4. Prepare according to your strength and weakness: 

After going through the BITSAT 2018 syllabus you must have known the areas of your interest and the areas that need attention. By practicing the portion which needs much attention can help you a lot in the last moment preparation as well as in the exam. Question from the topic that you find difficulties are to be practiced vigorously in order to get a good score in the exam.


5. Sample papers and past year BITSAT papers: 

Practice from the BITSAT sample papers and the BITSAT past papers for a better understanding of the questions and the format they are to be asked in the BITSAT 2017. With this you can get familiar to the BITSAT examination and can easily perform in the main exam.