Career Options For Whom Who did not score well in Board Exams

Career Options For Whom Who did not score well in Board Exams

Board Exam

Career Options For Whom Who did not score well in Board Exams

Board exams are one of the precious time for every students life basically the board exams are the places for you to prove yourself in a proper manner with full of dedication and satisfaction but not all the students are able to prove their self in the board exam lots of students are only able to score only 40 to 65% in the exams but it is not last option and they can do a lot more in their life so here in the below article we are providing you info on various colors for them who are unable to score a great marks in their boards are places for students to prove their self not all the students are able to prove so it is not at all attention making process for you to not getting a grade marks in the exam


what are options are available for a student who are not well in board ?

getting a great marks in the exam is a good thing but it is not at all over till the end of your life it’s only a place to prove yourself if you are unable to prove yourself at their you will get a lots of another options that forms for you to prove yourself .So do not lose your belief on self and go forward for making more and more and prove yourself.Those days are presently known for which you are getting high marks in exams and seats are decided your career in the present scenario your career is decided by your talent your dedication towards your work and not your sheets according to us if you really wants to be a great career you have to work on your hobby firstly because your hobby pursue your great career and that’s the only thing that makes you being successful so go according to your hobby and work on it unconventionally and lots of hot career options are there for you so do not get depressed and go upward do not go back here we are providing you the top best options after class 12th CBSE


As represented environment is of technological environment with the rise in technological development there is an dominant factor on technology which Maximize your career in animation is one of the most emerging careers for students animation basically defines as an illusion movement of an images created to show in a series of pictures for a rapid succession they are no longer Limited towards the cartoon series basically you loved when you are kid presently they are expanding towards the vast area creating a visual effect for various fields commercials video games online education programs and various other forms of media using illusion software’s programs animation industry emerging in a very technological development and goes upward and upward from its present time so animation is one of the best career option for the students who are not well in the boards various institutes in our country providing various certification course diplomatic course for the completion of animation so you may proceed from there to various respective institute

Event Management

Basically we are attending a lots of events like birthday celebration, weddings, parties, exhibitions, conferences and various more such events shows, fashion shows, cultural programmed, religious gathering and many more so some facts are there behind these events so what was that they are really organised well why ,because now a days people seek various professionals to organised and manage their events basically known as event management who are working as make sure event successful ,So it is one more excellent career options for you with not involve a lot of investment and offers a very great amount with Freedom and flexibility of work


Photography is one on an another option for you a lots of beautiful pictures did we are captured daily only for fun it also have a meaning of as an career in photography as a big chance of getting you name Fame and money with a decent technical background where is creative sides are there with Rapid growth Communications as well as various boom Digital Photography and lots of modern version of art forms are there in the market and waiting for you to make as a career in the photography

Game Designer / Developer

Advancement in  iPad’s and smartphone Max a very great career in the field of game developing with a lots of integral role of Designing characters in the games games Theme setting its rules levels puzzles animations and lots of opportunities in the field of game developing with various diplomatic course available in various Institute and maybe waiting for you to make a great career

Professional Dancer

Dance since time immemorial for every occasion in India from a few decades back dance is basically considered as an act of expressing joy and happiness towards the society they also work as yoga fitness instructors is  t exercise is considered better for dance and allow them in all their body parts for physical workout this if you have intrested yourself as a query about dance you should in more that talent and shop and your talent with little training and guidance so go through it .It also makes you successful for your life

Fashion Designing

Designing with various clothing and Lifestyle accessories comes under the category of fashion designing in this model eyes world designing in the world of fashion one of a vea Re lucrative and glamorous career option 50 a talented people and provides the opportunity to earn name Fame and money with very high amount moreover from designing attires even for exhibition ramp shows at various star actors they also can go for the same


So friends stop thinking about your different different techniques go something for different different means no one can do that something new for that world something different something attractive if you really want to make you h i g h in a proper way it is too much important to go according to the interest and work on your own

Thank you