Rules for writing In board exam.

Rules for writing In board exam & Scoring Good Marks

Board Exam

Rules for writing In board exam & Scoring Good Marks

There are No as such rules for writing in board exams. I mean you can write according to your wish but yeah, there are some tips which can help you in scoring good marks and leaving a positive impression on the examiner and moderator. so, here are some of the tips which you should follow if you want to achieve good marks in your board exams:

1. Art of Presentation:

A presentation is a key skill for achieving good marks in all your subject. Have you seen people when they are going to face their interviews? How they dress, their immaculate Formals so, this is the way of presenting them in front of the interviewer(Presentation). How you are going to present yourself/show your copy in front of others. These are tips through which you can present your copy well:

  • Drawing line with the help of pencil and scale, both the sides of your copy.
  • using Black and Blue pens.
  • Making a line after completing each Answer.


2. Follow Words Limit:

You might have noticed that while reading the question paper sometimes word limits(especially in theoretical subjects) have been given. But when you start writing your answer you tend to forget about it. Either you underwrite or overwrite. Do you know that this can affect your marks? so, always keep in mind about the word limit as it has been given due to some reason only.


3. Diagrams say more than words:

I’ve learned this trick during my school days and after using this I’ve seen the Graph of my result was going up. As we know that moderators’ have to check a lot of sheets. so, they don’t have time to read each and every line. so, it’s always advised to make diagrams along with writing your answer. It looks Attractive and Creative.


4. An example will make your answer more  comprehend:

Sometimes we fail to Express our thoughts, ideas while writing the answers. so, in this situation, Examples will be our savior which will take responsibility in his head to comprehend our thoughts properly. By writing an example we can make a person easily understand our point also it gives a proper finish to our answer. It acts as a sweet Dish as our meal.


5. Solve Easy Question First:

It is obvious that what is easy according to you can be Difficult for someone Else. So, here easy means writing/solving questions which you are sure of. Prons of using this tip:

  • It will create a positive Impression on the moderator.
  • It will save your Time.
  • It will boost your confidence.
  • After solving known answers first you will get time to ponder before writing other answers.


6. Never Leave Any Answer(Even if don’t know)-

Even if you’re not sure of an answer then to you should attempt it. Leaving the answer will is futile. so, always write the answer you should write whatever you know or maybe you can write in your words. Because in many cases attempting the question contains marks and if you will be lucky enough then, you can get more marks also.


7. Other Tips:

  • Always make a bag a day before as not to forget your Admit Card.
  • Always reach at least 20 Mins early at your Exam Center.
  • Always check your Pockets, Box before entering an exam hall.
  • Always keep an Extra pen with you.
  • proper sleeping before a day of an exam is a must.

so, these were the few tips through which you can Ace your Exams.