10 famous people who turned their failures into success stories

10 famous people who turned their failures into success stories

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“Failure is not opposite to success it is part of success” this line say more about interconnection between success and failure. Without failure no one can achieve success it is a process to succeed but when you quit because of failure then it ruin your all hard work.

The road of success is very challenging and there are lot of people who achieved great success in their life always pass through this road they struggled compromise and work hard then they achieve success that why ration of success is very less because everyone does not have such a will or dedication toward their dream.

In this we are talking about 10 most successful people who convert failure into success.

Walt disney

Walt disney creator of mickey mouse,he was ones fired from one newspaper  as he “lacked imagination and had no ideas” so he take it positively and make their own chackert mickey mouse which is one of the best character on that time or at present also. And that’s why walt disney is one of the success person that he convert rejection and failure into success

Steve Jobs

When any one ask which is the one of the best and popular brand todays then apple is always in everyone’s tongue. And he is the co-founder of APPLE .The man responsible for the iphone, the ipod, and the ipad and he unfortunately fired from his own company but today  he is well known today as the father of the digital revolution.

Steven Spielberg

No doubt he was the great director who make blockbuster  movies l like ‘ET’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ but from staring no one have trust on them but he prove to all

In staring  he rejected from prestigious film school three times .and now that same film school now has a building named after him.

Henry Ford

The founder of most famous automobile company ford.he failed in his business many times and suffered from huge loss in business but this failed business and bankerrupt does not discourage him he tried again and now well very well know the brand FORD and henry ford also.

Richard Branson

He was well known  for his colourful antics and acute business sense. He had suffering from from dyslexia major cognitive problems.but he was not afraid of this all and now he stand as the 12th richest man in britain.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham lincoln the 6th president of united state of america and he was regarded as a one the greatest president in the history of US.he also face failure many time n his life he failed 6 time in election he demoted in army but he not loss his entasium and continue and one day became the president of US also.

Michael Jordan

Michael jordan today he regarded as great player of basketball.he also struggled many timro success and also rejected from high school basketball team but nowadays he know for basketball only . according to forbes michael jordan is the first athlete to become a billionaire.

Albert Einstein

Albert einstein this name is familiar with almost all student from science stream becasuse he was the one the great scientist and contribute many theory for physics his theory of relativity is well known.

But he also struggled more and more in his life he even cant speak till the age of 4 and expelled from the school because his grade became poor and poor .but no one can predict this child would go on to win the Nobel prize in physics.

JK Rowling

She was the creator of  bewitching world of Harry Potter . she was suffering from poverty even for her child meal he some time she cant eat anything.Rowling was living on government welfare when she wrote her first Harry Potter book. And today she is one of the richest women in UK..

Amitabh Bachchan

He was rejected from all india radio for his hard voice but now every indian know his name as a legend actor.


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