Advantages Of Choosing Science Stream In Class 11

Advantages Of Choosing Science Stream In Class 11

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“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”

There was a time when a scholar’s marks in class 10th alone used to resolve what the individual takes in Class 11th – Science, Commerce or Arts. While this norm still holds true, the interest of the student is more than significant in choosing a stream beside the marks.

Science Stream

The subjects included in science stream are as mentioned.
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Mathematics
• Computer Science
• Biotechnology

Formal education can give you the career you desire, but pursuing some relevant and significant professional or career courses can offer you an edge over thousands and lakhs of aspirants. For instance, an ability to communicate well and eloquently is necessary in every profession. That is why; a course in communicative English can develop and hone your communication skills. Also, good computer skills are essential. So, enrol in a computer basic course to work on computers with speed and efficiency.

You will get a big break after class 10 board exams. Contemplate on your career aspirations and pursue the above-mentioned two professional courses during this long gap. When the results come out, it will be the time to act, not to think hard.

As I was a science scholar (not an exceptional one, though), let’s talk about some of the pros of choosing a science stream in class 11th.
1. It is true that an average CBSE student runs away from science, but science is very enjoyable subject when the student starts taking the interest. It allows one to develop and be much cleverer, intelligent and broad-minded.
2. When a student studies subjects like Physics & Chemistry, it augments their understanding of the world, effects, causes, etc. It lets them develop scientific knowledge and theory about everything in their surroundings they may stumble across.
3. Science causes progressive and extraordinary developments. It has aided people in finding the cure to numerous diseases, increase awareness, and has created endless possibilities for us.
4. The CBSE science curriculum has many applications in countless fields and opens up the opportunities of sitting for competitive exams such as JEE and AIPMT.
5. Science is all about innovation and inspired thinking. It helps broaden the students appreciation and understanding of the ecosystem around you, equips scholars with excellent problem-solving capabilities and a whole multitude of enormously transferable skills.
6. The influence of science is necessary to ensure the survival of our planet by creating new or alternative solutions for everything we do from waste disposal to fuel production. With concepts like global warming, bird flu, genetically modified foods, oil depletion, nuclear power, MMR vaccines and gene therapy, future scientists have an intriguing and vital role to play.
7. Science and Mathematics deliver scholars with highly applicable skills that are relevant to almost any genre of work. They offer an elastic foundation enabling students to achieve highly respected and lucrative jobs and assure them a secure future.
8. Engineering (IIT, JEE, NIT, BIT), Medical (AIIMS, CMC, AIPMT) or Basic Sciences (IISc), there are world class institutions in India where students can pursue higher education.

So look forward and fly in the sky …..

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