Are IIT/NEET Preparation Apps Really Useful?

Are IIT/NEET Preparation Apps Really Useful?


Internet has become one of the leading education platform all over the globe. Major schools of US have started offering virtual courses. Needless to say, internet is now the biggest resource for everyone!
Many applications are also available in the market for competitive exam preparations. They do have good content and teachers.
However, every good has a dark side attached with it and this is no exception.
Today, we will discuss about whether the exam preparation apps for IIT/NEET really help you or are they a time waste?

Benefits of Exam Preparation Apps

First, let us have a look at what’s good :

  • Good well researched updated content

 Often what we read in books is outdated and not well researched. This is not the case with online content as they are always updated from time to time by dedicated people.

  • Lesser mistakes.

Books are famous for making printing mistakes, as well as wrong numericals. With a book, it is always difficult to correct mistakes, but this is never the case with apps. They can correct them easily. This is why, app contents are almost errorless.

  • Learning from your favourite educator.

This really helps sometimes, and you can even understand topics which seem boring to you much more easily.

  • Engaging audio-visuals

We just can’t deny that a coloured canvas is way better than boring black and white texts on the book. Apps provide you with a different perspective and out-of-the-box explanations that forces you to think deeper.

What are the cons?


Every coin has two sides. Now that we are done discussing about one side, it is time that we discuss about the second part – the cons.

  • Notifications from other apps

 Let’s say you are busy learning fluid mechanics, and then a message pops up from your best friend on WhatsApp. Would you be able to control? 90% of the people cannot!
Might sound astonishing, but notifications from social app an completely divert you from your goal of studies and take you to a different world altogether.

  • Lesser actual study

 While this may seem wrong to you, but engaging with content on apps is not actual study. You have to practise and read on your own as well in order to perform well in IIT/NEET. The long video contents on IIT/NEET preparation apps may reduce your actual study hours.

  • Strain on eyes.

While this might be a factor that you can ignore, but strain on eyes by watching long videos online is inevitable.
Reading a book is much more comfortable than watching and learning from IIT/NEET apps.

So, are they useful or a time waste?


It depends completely upon you! If you can control yourself and limit the watching time as well as the distracting activities, the IIT/NEET preparation apps can really help you to boost your score. But too much of the cons, and this might be the cause of your downfall too.

So that’s it, hope you find the post useful. For more IIT/NEET preparation content, stay tuned.

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