Best learning app for CBSE student

Best learning app for CBSE student

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Best learning app for CBSE student

Best learning app for CBSE student: Smartphone are nowadays considered as a special part of a human being and smartphone without an app is useless .If we talked about app we recall all our app present in our smartphone i.e whatsapp,instagram,snapchat etc but apart from this there are lot of apps which is  present in app store and play store.

When we talked about apps there are many category of which is available in app store and one of best category is EDUCATION which is very useful or beneficial for an student because it offer the creative and new way of learning most of app fall in this category is for student who is preparing for board exam or any competitive exam this app provide almost all necessary content for a particular ex sample paper,.previous exam paper and new way of learning through pictorial and animated way.

There are many app which is very useful for CBSE student as well as for others also and we sort almost top 5 best app for student who wish to learn through internet and use their smartphone in better way.


Top 5 Android Apps for CBSE Board Preparation for student


Meritnation is one of the best app present in appstore and playstore for student who is preparing for his/her board exam.This app provide useful content for student  samples papers,ncert solution and animated special feature is that it also provide social learning platform and allows a user to create profile and add their friends.with the help social learning student compare and analysis their level of preparation.



Mycbseguide is another app which provide huge  study material, sample papers, practice papers, study notes and NCERT books.this app cover almost all the subject of class 3 to class 12th.



This is very unique and innovative app for board exam preparation.This app mainly focus on class 1th and 12th class syllabus which taught in many of the competitive exam like JEE,NEET etc.this app also allows student to  set their goals and helps them track their progress over period of time.


4.Maths trick

Math Trick is very interesting app  game which teaches fast calculation and mental maths in a very fun and innovative way. The basic premise behind this app is Vedic Mathematics. This app is a favorite with students preparing for competitive exams as well.



The one of the best app which  is very different from all the app present above because Skillz app is in our list not because of it offer academic assistance but it offer very important things that  offers to reduce stress to make student stress free with the help of fun and interactive brain games.this app include games such as word puzzles, number puzzles, and memory games which help you to active your brain and make it sharp and concentrated in exam time. Spending daily 10-20min it it sharp your brain and increases the brain power very well and help to reduce the level of stress in exam time