Best Learning website for CBSE student

Best Learning website for CBSE student

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Best Learning website for CBSE student

Best Learning website for CBSE student: Every student  want to receive world best education  to achieve their goals.But now days the trend is that more the institute is best then more they charge.

But todays we are in the world of internet that any single information content are available in internet so do we really spend such a huge amount on education or for particular degree ?? This is very typical question to ask

Now in the the world of online/internet we use it for are beneficial also and there are some very important or best website to learn online

Some of best website that provide best online education for student with free of cost


This website is a most preferred website for a student.It is founded by Harvard University MIT  in 2012.It is a online learning platform Which provided High quality courses from the world best institute and Universities Which help to Student learning in every part of  world . Out of top 90 universities, It include top global rankers.



This website provide anything to everything.InterNet archive is authentic website storing the orIginals from the various big websites.for an example,American library which include the huge collection of free books and which is directly connected with college  library website.This is one of the best website which offer free accessible knowledge for every need student. However it does not give and provide certificate for learning through it.



This website provide the huge array for an academic option to student from traditional to contemporary studies.They also provide online degree courses from accounting and economics to engineering and also provide material for subjects like behaviour psychology .The most important thing is that it collaborates with most reputed colleges such as oxford university,stanford university,Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and many other.this portal also provide videos and podcasts in almost all the subject.



This website is also one of the best website and user friendly website. Through this student can big universities and shareable electronic courses.when you complete a particular course you also get online certificate of that respective course.



Khan Academy is also a one of the best online coaching website. Students who cannot afford a offline coaching can refer to this website.The best part of this online coaching is  it gives a freedom to the students by giving them the liberty to learn according to their convenience and without any time boundation. It has all main subjects which include math, science,computer programming, history, art history, economics etc.It also has lessons from kindergarten to calculus.. To update their content in for the students, it has partnered with NASA the Museum of Modern Art and the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT and the content is available in almost 36 language.



Main o focus of this website to provide academics as well as skilled based learning to the student.It offer almost 58 courses and student enroll in any course.This website work with three main option including educational material, courses and documentaries.The subjects have been divided mainly in  two sections, extra-curricular and academic subjects