How is IB Board different from CBSE?

How is IB Board different from CBSE?

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IB stands for The International Baccalaureate-

It is an internationally recognized school system made up of three educational program-

  1. PYP- The primary years programme (kindergarten to class 5) 
  2. MYP- The middle years programme (class 6 to class 10)
  3. DP- The diploma programme (class 11 and class 12)

CBSE stands for central board of Secondary Education-

The Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated as CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all schools affiliated to follow only NCERT curriculum.

There is a huge difference between IB Boards and CBSE boards-

1. stream-

In CBSE you are asked to choose a stream. You can take either Science, Commerce or Humanities. In the IB in order to be awarded the diploma, you have to choose six subjects and it is mandatory to take mathematics(There are three levels, in order of difficulty these are: studies, standard and higher), English, a humanities subject, a science, a foreign language along with another subject of your choice


2. usage of Formula-

In subjects like Mathematics and Physics, testing is mostly application based. Like in the case of CBSE where students are required to know the formulas and values for constants by heart, in the IB this is definitely not the case. Students are provided with a data booklet with all the formulas and values required which they may use during the exam.

3. In terms of money-

The course material required by the IB tend to be much more expensive compared to those required for CBSE. Although, the books used for the IB are written by some of the best scholars in the particular field and are of high quality.


4. other co-curricular Activities-

IB schools equally focus on the co-curricular activities whereas such is not the case with CBSE schools. mostly schools of CBSE paramount motive is studies whereas in the case of IB schools the studies and other co-curricular activities are given equal importance.


5. scope outside of India- 

IB schools help in getting admission in colleges outside India, while you might face an issue if you have studied in CBSE board.

so, above are some of the difference between IB and CBSE. I hope these point will somehow help you to decide what to choose further. Afterall one best decision can change your future.

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