How to Choose the Best Study Material?

How to Choose the Best Study Material?

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With so many different types of study material available in the market, choosing the right study material can be really difficult at times.
This is why, we at , decided to write a blog on how the students can choose the right study materials to maximize their scores.

What defines good study materials?

Simple to understand :

Good study materials explain concepts right from scratch, and does not assume that you now anything yet.
It explains concept deeply as well as broadly, but simply. This is absolutely a necessity.

Contains diagrams and figures along with text :

Sometimes, reading and understanding concepts from plain texts can become really difficult. A good resource contain figures and diagrams that will help everyone visualize concepts. This way, a student understand things much more clearly.

Contains good examples :

A good resource after teaching the theory, should also have good examples in it. This will help the student to understand how to attack problems much more easily.

Contains a good set of problems :

What you have learnt must also be checked, and tested. This is why, a good resource should always contain a lot of good problems. At the same time, it should also contain some really concept-challenging ones as well.

Contains solutions, hints and answers to exercise ones :

Your teacher is not present 24X7 and so is the case with coaching centers. Verifying and checking whether you have done the problem correctly or not is a challenge. This is something that a good resource must contain.
This solves a lot of problems for students.

So that’s all that defines a study material that is good.

Now that you know what separates the good from the lot available in the market, it is time we learn how to find the right one :

  • Ask teachers :
    Your teachers have tons of experience and they know what is right for you. Ask for help from them, and you won’t be disappointed at all.
  • Ask friends :
    While I do not recommend this always, because there’s always that selfish guy who misguides you. But, if you know a friend who is kind hearted, do not forget to ask him. Bonus, if he is good in studies.
  • Ask your parents or elder brothers :
    Your parents have seen you from childhood, and they are your first teachers.
    They know you better than anyone else on this planet and surely, they will help you out in this regard as well.
    If you have elder brothers or sisters in your family, you can consult them as well.
  • Do some research on Quora and internet :
    With so much information available in the internet itself, it is time you use it to the fullest and check for yourself. Quora and other useful sites may help you out in finding the best suited study material for you.

And if all of these above fails, call  helpline and we will be happy to guide you through any difficulty you face, irrespective of whether you are our student or not.

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