How to prepare for NDA Exam ?

How to prepare for NDA Exam ?

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How to make preparations for NDA.

So…another pathway for all you students out there in search for guidance in the most honored field to serve the nation.Before just jumping deep into the heading let me give a brief introduction of what NDA is.It might be possible that this article blossoms a new bud into one of the nation servers .

The National Defence Academy(NDA) is one of the most adorable academy for the career seekers in the area of navy, army, or airforce.It is located at khadakwasla near Pune, Maharashtra and provides joint services academy of the Indian armed forces where the cadets undergoes a vigourus training before being branched into their respective field of their choice (the army, the Navy and the air Force). I know there are a lot of questions colliding among each other in your brains but the answer too lies within yourself.

To get into NDA is not a heck it costs your hard work ,your logic, your patience and your devotion to your motherland.NDA selections occur after a written examination conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) followed by interviews  by the  SSB (Service Selection Board). Its combinely a condition bringing goosebumps because it’s not a child’s play to dream of NDA.

“Let’s take a real life incident of a kid who dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot in future. He was determined in his pursuit. Not like the other children who boasted about their aims, he always chose to prove what he dreamt. When he was about 15 he realized his strengths and put himself into vigorous hard work that he had never done before ,he studied the whole night and day chasing his dreams while the picture of a Sukhoi plane hanged on his wall: motivated him to achieve his goals. He was a Hindi medium guy and what provoked to put him into this was his financial conditions. Irrespective of these issues he worked hard he read English novels, discussed his doubts and again worked hard. Without being involved in coaching institutes he believed in self studies, because whether you go to a coaching or any institute then also you have to make a time for your self and examining the studies by your own. Now, he is a wing Commander in air Force and NDA gave him a way. He cracked the exam without any extra coaching or difficulty in first attempt”.

The moral of the story is” you are your own limit. No one but you are responsible for how you chase your dreams”. Make an aim and be vigilant about it’s execution.

Humans are not born players it requires willpower and interest to choose the way he wants and NDA is one of a kind, you need to begin it’s preparation as soon as you’re in ninth .

Yes..!!! You heard (saw) it right 9th is the class where you need to recognize and discover your capability ;if you have the calibre to do so .It includes your maturity ,your understanding and proper guidance.

Following will help you to get through your doubts and just focus on your work:

Be disciplined:


NDA is for the disciplined. If you want to experience the peak kind of discipline it’s in NDA after all you have to serve your nation .It is thus required that you be disciplined throughout not merely a fake discipline but it must become your personality.

Be an early bird


You need to be focused from the time you reach your puberty. Yes , “it’s a high time now” if and only if you want to achieve something in your life ” be an ear bird” try to know your strengths and weaknesses don’t wait for the view of others think from your perception work while they sleep.

Practice aptitude


“Practice makes a man perfect”. It takes twenty one days to build a habit and just fifteen to break it .Train your mind to the threshold , practice logical reasoning each and every day because SSB is all about general aptitude ,skills, reasoning etc..

Improve your communication and body skills


Always try to communicate in English .In today’s world English a demanded language because of our interaction with the foreign countries. Develop  your speaking as well as listening skills .Besides these read English newspapers, you can watch English movies and improve your daily vocabulary it may add hundreds of word to your dictionary named ‘ brain’.

Be updated with the current affairs and GK


Being updated in today’s world has  become a necessity it will help in solving the problems related to GK history and current affairs.

Be physically and mentally fit


Physical test matters a lot in NDA .NDA offers the toughest physical examinations as well as training after all you have are going to be a”hindrakshak” . You will not want to get knocked in the physical examination after cracking the written and the interview  practice daily..if not then do it for your health .It is healthy to run/walk 1 hour a day and eat healthy to increase your stamina and be fit.
Stay away from stuffs that hamper your mental health and ruin your way to become a fighter.

And remember success does not come from what you do occasionally ,it comes from what you do consistently always be a better you than yesterday . Follow the tips above and have faith in yourself..


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