How to prepare for NTSE

How to prepare for NTSE

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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), sounds professional? or prestigious? or tough?…well it is a combination of all of the three. It is a national level scholarship program in India. It is a golden opportunity for the students seeking a bright future towards their life journey. As from the title itself many of them would have understood what I am going to tell you all about .NTSE is an examination organized by the NCERT(National Council of Educational Research) groups for the students of class tenth (all the freshers out there, pay keen attention to the abbreviations and their extension, for they can tell you a lot).

Before we just seep in through the main perspective of this title let me just talk about the flow diagram above .Consider it as a computer named NTSE with an input and an output. The black box allocated for NTSE as the processor which will include your handwork, your dedication, practice and of course your knowledge .It has SAT and MAT as its attributes the stick man drawn at the input is you (confused, tensed or seeking for guidance). When you proceed further through the black box and understand this prestigious opportunity (NTSE) you will for sure give a perfect output and the output will be you yourself ,a different and confident you (happy stick man). Let’s talk about the abbreviations SAT and MAT.



This aptitude test is a multiple choice test and may include true or false, statements etc. but why SAT?
It is just to check your reasoning capability and logical thinking. How do you see the figures,the situations the conditions given to you and actually how logical are you in your lives. Life is merely about logic’s.

Coming to MAT !

It consists of a lot of interesting questions about analogies, series, classification, code-decode that checks your judgement power.

This was a brief introduction about what NTSE actually is .From the day you were born you were expected and empowered to do something great by your parents, pals, relatives and people stuff. But it’s about you, your limitations, your dreams, your capability .Class tenth is not a joke for all you scholars .
You have pressure to achieve something and for all the scholars seeking something great NTSE is meant for you all. It provides good opportunity and scholarship rewards. Here are few tips and tricks to achieve this goal. Remember it’s easy if you make it easy. You appear for exams not the exams appear before your future.

Make an aim:


Yes, aim is necessity without an aim you cannot do anything. Know your strength and weaknesses then only proceed further, no need to force yourself to do what you do not want to. Know where you are weak, where you are strong, in which field you can progress. Change your daily habits and be disciplined. “Tenth is important my son”, a famous phrase yes it is important and is a peak time, not for your school marks or report cards but for your enhancement, your future.

Practice aptitude:


It’s not about burning midnight oil one day before the examination it’s about practicing daily and aptitude is something that must flow in your blood streams if you are an NTSE scholar. You need to practice aptitude: be it reasoning, series, code-decode etc.. depending upon your mood and time. But on a daily basis. Go purchase a book of your choice and comfort follow the book regularly and utilize your free time training your minds. This will make your SAT and MAT section strong.

NCERT saves:


NCERT is a basic book with all concepts and examples in short. Go through the book completely do not compromise with going through the baby steps lest you will fall later in your later level exams like JEE- IIT.

Solve your doubts at that time only:


If you stuck somewhere try try and try yourself, at the threshold when you are tired do not feel shy to ask your queries afterall it’s the question of your career. Do ask your doubts whether it is silly or typical. This will make you give a number of solutions to your question from various sources rather than a single one.

Solve previous year questions:


Solve previous year questions this will help you understand the pattern, your capacity and preparation. It’s kind of a mental exercise after all you don’t want your brain to sit empty and grow fat.

Talk to your parents about these topics and be motivated:


Always have a talk with your parents about your recent plans, studies, aims etc..they are your guider and wellwisher. Do not pay attention on negativities after all you need to be focused.

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