How to Solve Physics Numerical Class 12th

How to Solve Physics Numerical Class 12th

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How to Solve Physics Numerical Class 12th

How to Solve Physics Numerical Class 12th: Physics without numericals is incomplete because it offer you to develop the thinking skills to solve various types of problem similar to maths but in some difft=rent ,anner. Physics and most of science subjects are very complicated but when we learn or clear our all basic concept and fundamentals this all subject become very easy. Physics is also the one of the most complicated subject because it required mathematical and conceptual understanding that is very advanced. That why most of student not goes to physics career.

In this we are covered all tips and strategy to solve physics numerical in better way and  how to enhance numerical solving ability in physics.

So there are some strategy to solve most complicated numericals in following ways

1)don’t panic: when you seen numerical you goes in very complicated situation by it complicated because you start panis that how i solve this is very complicated question i ever see .so be relaxed read numerical 2 times then decide what thhf itis question want to find and recall all necessary formula related to that particular topic then apply to fundamental and concept to solve that question without thinking so much of it.

And take deep breath,close your eyes and count to five.

In lower level physics most of numericals solved by simple long as you remember this formula you answer most of the numerical very easily.


2)understand the situation: when you read the question read it very carefully because one word miss reading will change the all situation and start solving in fully wrong direction so understand the situation very carefully by reading the numerical with full of concentration.

Figure out the context first. You know what you are dealing with general and how to formulate it then start solving and again remember point 1 always.


3)Read the question carefully:while start solving question make a habit to read question very carefully because sometimes there are some hidden information in trucy question so read question very carefully.


4)organise the information: after reading question carefully arrange all necessary information in very organised way by which you solve the numerical very easily.


5)verify unit: when you are solving objective types questions sometimes you not need to solve whole question you can verify unit and ans the question.


In order to solve numericals of physics first of all you need to memorise all the formulas. Your concept of theory part should be clear. Then try to solve the numericals from good reference books like HC Verma, SL Arora,GRB,DInesh etc. Try to solve as much examples from the reference books. To clear more concepts in numerical you can go for DC Pandey.

But always remember that initially you have to solve examples from whatever book you follow. We all know practice makes a man perfect,so practice as much as numerical problems.

And there are some of more steps to solve numerical:

  • Now start with easy questions. This will help you to memorise the formulas and will sharpen your basics.
  • Increase your difficulty level slowly.
  • If you get stuck somewhere, try it a few times. If it doesn’t help revise the concept and try again. If still you can’t solve it seek help.
  • First understand the concept well. If you do it properly 90% of