Importance of Time Management During IIT JEE Preparation

Importance of Time Management During IIT JEE Preparation

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IITJEE –  The word itself excites the minds of thousands of young students across the country. The ones who intend to make a career in engineering.
IITJEE opens the door to the heaven of engineering. But, getting there is not easy.

A lot has been spoken about coachings, resources etc. However, not too many people have discuss about the importance of time management!

This is why, we at Vijay Education Academy, present to you this blog, where we discuss about the importance of time management during IITJEE preparation.

Why is time management so important in IITJEE Preparation?

IITJEE is not a one day affair, but it is a 2 year long battle. This battle is fought everyday, and your actions of one day brings you closer to your destination – IITs. Along with a good preparation, here are the top reasons why you need to manage your time efficiently :

  • Studying properly

 You seriously don’t want to be a socially retarded person during your IITJEE preparation. But you need to manage your studying hours properly. This is where time management brings in a key role.

  • Not keeping backlogs

 On some days, you can study more. On some days, you get to study less. But you need to manage time well, so that you don’t keep any backlogs when you study less. This is again where time management becomes important.

  • Getting proper sleep

 I can’t stress more on this fact, but I have seen tons of aspirant falling sick after spending sleepless nights week after week. You need to manage everything efficiently, and here comes time management once again.

  • Doing well on the D-Day.

All the time management skills that you acquire in these 2 hours are finally tested on the D-Day. On this day, you have to do the proper questions in time.

So you see, time management is very very important for IITJEE preparation.

How can you manage time better?

Managing time is not easy, since there are a lot of distractions around us these days. But still, it must be done. Here’s how you can do it :

  • Have a proper routine.

Plan your next day on the night before you go to sleep. This routine helps you the next day.

  • Stick to your routine

Sticking to your routine is much more important than making one. So do stick to the routine you make.

  • Keep some time for yourself too

 All studies will make you a dull boy, so make sure you keep some time off for yourself at the end of every day.

  • Sleep well

 Sleeping is more important. Sleeping has an essential role to play in everything – concentration, memory, preparation. Getting enough of it is very very important.

Final words

Time management during IITJEE preparation is very important. Half the game of IITJEE depends on this and the toppers, more often than not, does this very well. So, master this game and pass out with flying colours.