Life of Non-Localities

Life of Non-Localities

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Yes, mumma! I already had my Breakfast (still Yawing). And the morning starts with a lie-


Do you Remember the feeling when you were leaving your home for the very first time? That eyes with full of hopes of your parents when you promised them to become a IITan. You were half filled with Enthusiasm, zeal, and the other half was filled with immaturity and unawareness. What a complete Novice you were. And then, you kept a bag full of Expectations, Dreams, Hopes, promises, Blessings, and a lot of love from your families’ side on your fragile body.

Now, the time comes when your Expectations hits Reality. You welcomed yourself in a Real life leaving behind your comfort zone. You have an unambiguous goal with indefatigable energy. But this is life so, everything is not meant to be easy. And then real struggle starts from the time you finally wake up after snoozing alarm over and over again. Now, it seems a daunting task isn’t? And then, ( After waking up)

Seriously? No! No, I’m not going to eat this in my breakfast again. (Hopelessly furious) now, you can’t have (Mumma Ke hath ke parathe) and now you somehow eat just to appease your hunger.

While in public transport which is bustling with the crowd, you curse because even today you didn’t get the seat. Finally, after reaching-

PRESTIGE PUBLIC SCHOOL. You feel relaxed and in a state of ease. Now you show GRATITUDE because you feel so blessed by studying and clearing your doubts with the faculty of –

which eventually makes you oblivious to your other problems because the way and technique of their teaching is so entertaining and engrossing that you completely devote your self into studies. Teachers of  are not only your mentor but your guardians too. (Thank god) 

After reaching home you see time ( yes! You have a plethora of it) and think of taking a power nap. You thank  for giving you an opportunity to become a part of their SPECIAL INTEGRATED PROGRAM. By becoming a part of this program now you can easily manage your studies with time and can later catch up with them in their institute (which by the way is amongst the best institutes and you feel proud to become the part of their family)

Slowly, steadily you learn about life, you’ve turned into a indomitable creature who once was a couch potato and you realised that life goes on, and you keep learning and improving with every single minute.

Kuch sapno Ko pura karne Ghar se nikle the, kisse pata tha ki ghar jana he ek Sapna ban kar rhe jaega.

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