How To Maintain A Balance Between Social Media Usage And Your Studies

How To Maintain A Balance Between Social Media Usage And Your Studies

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social media has become a major part of everyone’s life. Without using social media one cant imagine their life. In India, some of the famous social networking sites are- Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, WhatsApp, youtube, and many more. I’m pretty sure that many of you face the issue that while using social media sites we Become oblivious towards our surrounding because we find these sites so Engrossing and Entertaining that we keep on scrolling and searching for more and more New feeds. But eventually, we end up Filling our heart and mind with the large number of regrets for wasting time and ignoring our studies that too for some useless entertainment. But well, every problem has a solution so don’t worry here are three beneficial tips for you to follow and see the magic- 

1. Make a strict Time Table- (proper planning)-


 I know it’s a cliche but trust me by making a proper Time Table you can divide your time schedule as per your priorities. Planning is the basic function required for achieving success. You can also set alarm, Time to time while using social sites so, Later on, you won’t regret by utilising more time than required.

2. Education, study with Entertainment (Edutainment)-


 Fellas, this is something new I know it happens sometimes that while we study our mind craves for entertainment and then, mostly we tend to choose entertainment over studies. So, here is a trick while entertaining yourself you can increase your knowledge too. (Astonished or curious) Read ahead-

We all have some or the other career goal and luckily social media have different pages which can further increase our knowledge. For example- If you’re an IIT Aspirants then, you must follow and turn on notification of-

        – You can Find all the related facts, tips, and tricks so that you can ace your Exam.

3. Say Hello! To useful sites,  and bye-bye to useless- 


Okay, so lets become selfish about utilising our time. Even if you’re willing to spend the whole day on these sites rather than studying Then you can read some exciting and knowledgeable facts (Afterall, later on, you can flaunt your new added knowledge in front of your friends)

Okay okay, now I won’t tell you to study only about your stream but rather you can utilise your time while reading about beneficial stuff too. After all, who don’t love different varieties in their life. We are teens and we often get bored easily (Lol).

I hope you guys will follow these simple and easy tricks which can further help in more effective utilization of time. And helps in maintaining a proper balance.

Thank me later.


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