Preparation Tips for Droppers and Repeaters

Preparation Tips for Droppers and Repeaters

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Dropping an year for getting a seat at the premier engineering and medical institutes of the country is not the easiest thing to do.
A lot of uncertainty, depression as well as stress comes upon the student.
While this is inevitable, there are certain preparation tips for droppers and repeaters that might help them to some extent.

For droppers :

You have not been able to get a seat or might be getting a seat way below your expectation this year. This is why you are dropping a year. Here are the tips for you :

  • Revise thoroughly. You missed the mark only by a little bit. Your concepts are okay and hence, revision might help you a lot.
  • Learn time management. Sometimes, preparation is not the culprit. But time management is. You must learn to manage time efficiently.
  • Learn to select questions properly. You have to see and understand, which questions are doable and which questions might waste your time. Do the easy ones, and leave the ones which are a waste of time.
  • Write a lot of mock tests. Practice might be the only thing that you lacked this year that made you miss the mark very closely. So make sure, this is not the case this year.
  • Analyze your mock test results. Yes, writing a lot of mock tests are important, but more important part is sitting down and analyzing what exactly went right and what went wrong.
  • Maintain a book of your analysis. Do it regularly and see which ones are going wrong consistently, and which one is going right every time.
  • Understand your weaknesses and strengths from this analysis.

These preparation tips will certainly help you. Now let’s shift our attention to the repeaters.

For Repeaters :

So the game is much more difficult for repeaters. They are nowhere close to their dropper friends, and need to put in a lot more extra efforts compared to them. While the preparation tips for the second phase remains the same as droppers, here are few extra tips for their first phase of preparation :

  • Understand concepts. The major cause of their doom was that they understood everything superficially and not deeply. This must be solved this time around.
  • Enroll in a good coaching center. This is something that is very very important. Studying on yourself can get difficult at times. This is why, you must select coaching centers with good teachers who will care for you more, knowing you are a repeater.
     takes care of its repeaters! So if you are too worried, you can always choose us and we will take care of the rest!

So that’s all from our side on preparation tips for droppers and repeaters. We hope that these will be useful for you, and you will be able to outshine your own performance compared to what you did this year.

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