Rules for writing in board exam

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Board Exam: Importance of word limit in exam writing

Every question in the board exams has a preset word limit which a student should not cross. This article will let you know the importance of adhering to the prescribed word limit in CBSE board exams. You will know how to write answers according to the prescribed word limit and it can help you score good marks.


Always avoid these 3 mistakes during exam

Here we are providing three most important tools to score well in UP Board, CBSE and other Board exam. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made in exams and get good marks in your examination.

Every time students sit in the examination hall, they feel anxious and nervous. The pressure is so overwhelming that students tend to forget what they have learned. Though it is natural among all but the situation can be made easy by following a few tricks while sitting in the examination hall and taking the exam.

1)read question paper carefully: this is very important thing you keep in your mind if you are going for board exam because in starting must read all question carefully that make you to get all thing in your mind that how can you and how you answer that particular question.and this also used to manage your time because in starting you read question by that you arrange answer in your mind so always keep to read all question in string

2)manage your time : this is very important because if you manage your time then you score good marks in board exam. Don’t give so much time to short marks question and don’t write too much on 2-3 marks question. Time management is good habit and it help you in almost all exam if you going for any competitive exam then also time management help you because all competitive exam are based on how much time you take to solve a particular question so it is key to get good marks in a board as well as in competitive exam

3)write clean: your writing also affect your marks because when a teacher check your copy if she/he understand easily without any trouble then you get good marks so always make sure that your writing is best in board exam