Top 5 Scholarship Exams for Class 10 Students

Top 5 Scholarship Exams for Class 10 Students

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Top 5 Scholarship Exams for Class 10 Students

Top 5 Scholarship Exams for Class 10 Students – Competitive exams are one of the core platforms for our education system especially school students and their parents are keenly looking for competitive exams.Which are conducted by various board and Central Board.Many parents and students change the competitive exams conducted online class 12 but its too much wrong that various exams are conducted in class 10th as well number of competitive exams are there in the class 10th Human go for the aim of these exams are only to check the ability and intelligence of an students and provide scholarship program for them to crack the exam

if  you are also going for the competition in the class 10 grade you may go for the below article and   get info about various competitive exams that are conducted at 10 grade level so come to the point.

Nation talent search examination NTSE

Nation talent search examination is a National Level Examination and one of the most prestigious competitive examination for the students at 10-grade level. Its purpose is to identify the talented and intelligent student to make them here of their studies with full of governmental efforts. They basically follow the NCERT prescribed syllabus from the subject of science, maths, social science and mental ability if the student qualified is 2 tier examination will receive a cash scholarship of complete academic year it will consist of mental ability test MAT and scholarship ability test SAT.

National level science talent search examination NLSTSE

It is a Diagnostic test identify students from the class 2ND  to class 12. They are trying to innovate the learning ability and educational performance towards the intelligent student.  They include various interesting question require traditional techniques and break the trend of Rote learning. They trying to provide a detailed skills-wise feedback and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of any student that makes an immediate action for the correction of aberration and pave a path for the improvement. They include maths, physics, chemistry, biology and general questions for the examination and provides only English Medium of examination exam. Which is basically conducted by a unified council interested student can go to the official website of NLSTSE and GO  according to the guidelines.


Indian national Olympiad  INO

Indian national Olympiad is an examination conducted by the government of India to provide financial support to the students and they came to from excellent in the field of science and mathematics towards their students at the school levels. It involves a five-Test procedure the first stage including each subject that is organised by Indian Association of Physics teachers IAPT in collaboration with teacher Association with other subject and all the other remaining stages are organised by Homi Bhabha Centre for science education Indian national Including physics chemistry biology astronomy and junior science as a core subject for the competition they provide English Medium of examination and it is conducted by joint conducted by Indian Association of Physics teachers and Homi Bhabha Centre for science education.


 Science Olympiad Foundation SOF

Science Olympiad Foundation is a non-profit organization NPO  located in New Delhi. It is established to promote various science and mathematics introductory computer education and English language skill for the school children in India. Foundation conducts separate examination for computer and mathematics and Science and English for promoting student literacy. Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, sports and professional courses are the course subject for the examination they provide to English medium for the examination and the exams conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation SOF.


Geo genius

many students are too much interested in their science and mathematics and became one of the most interesting subjects for them and it also makes them an hour about various geographical facts and figures  in the world the aim of examination is only 2 cultivate your studies and understanding their emotions towards Geography among their school level the exam is from class II to class 12th students are eligible the test will be conducted in two faces for stress is for children participate in their respective School about their country and then it is on the basis of Cut off marks which has selected for the Phase II and they are invited for National finals.