What is CBSE 9 Point Grading System?

What is CBSE 9 Point Grading System?

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What is CBSE 9 Point Grading System?

What is CBSE 9 Point Grading System: In the CBSE 9 point grading system, there will be measured using a national method based on numerical marking scheme which will later convert into grades the result is on the basis of Pre determined that arranged detail below.

What is CBSE 9 Point Grading System

Marks Range/Grade/Grade Point
91-100 A1 -10.0
81-90 — A2 –9.0
71-80 — B1 –8.0
61-70 — B2 –7.0
51-60 — C1 –6.0
41-50 — C2 –5.0
33-40 — D — 4.0
21-32 — E1 —
20 and below—-E2 –

Introduction of 9 point grading system in class 10th is a really a very positive environment for the student because in class 10th students are get pressurized from teachers as well as parents for doing well in your board examination due to the grading system somewhere it helps the students to get out from the pressure of parents and teachers.
Grading system also creates a judgemental quality of marks that are obtained in the tests and really needing to every free and joyful learning environment for the students in the school.

formative assessment

  • For evaluating and grading class work, homework and assignments and project work they will be footstep evaluation process in each first and second term.
  • Revaluation process will free only 10 marks a piece

summative assessment
summative assessment is an end term based examination

and there will be two terms for a single session first term exam will carry 20 marks and the second term will carry 40 marks.


How CCE scheme help

All the above steps help learners as well as parents especially from his primary stakeholders of school education in various methods which are as follows

It reduces stress and anxiety that during the examination and after an examination which has really an adverse effect on the young children especially between the age group of 13 to 15 years
It also reduces the dropout rate of the students due to less here and an ability related to their performance.
Due to the CCE based scheme, it also helps the teachers to get a focus on learning rather than teaching to the test it creates a practice for finish the entire syllabus in a much before the time at able to take them follow up for the pre-board and enough time provided to the students for the preparation.
Also motivates learning in a very friendly environment rather than in a very unconditional situation.

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