What is the role of NCERT In Education

What is the role of NCERT In Education

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What is the role of NCERT In Education


What is the role of NCERT In Education: NCERT is basically undertaken some of these following programs and activities which are as follows.


NCERT work some of the important functions for conducting and supporting various educational and Research and offering training in the field of educational research methodology. Various departments from the National Institute of Education in NIE, Regional Institute of Education RIE, Central Institute of educational technology CIET, Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Central Institute of vocational education PSSCIVE  is undertaking research programs for various different aspects in the field of school education and teacher education. NCERT also support Various research program Of other Institutions as well for providing them financial and assistance and academic guidance. One of a program on his that is research fellowship which is offered by NCERT for encouraging various studies in school education for creating a pool of Corporate and Research worker.


NCERT functions one of an important Institute for various developmental activities for education.NCERT innovate various development activities including a change in curriculum construction material for school education in the field of preschool education formal and nonformal education vocationalisation of education and teacher education. Various developmental activities are also done in the domain of educational technology population education and education of the disabled and other special groups.


NCERT quotes training in the field of preservice and in-service training of teachers at a various level like pre-primary elementary and Secondary And Higher Secondary educational. Educational technology guidance and counseling and special education also a training part of NCERT.

 Publication and Dissemination

There are various textbooks from different schools project for class first two class 12th they also bring workbook for teacher’s guide supplementary reader is research reports and various others from this day also publishers various instructional what material for the use of teachers as an educator. They also trained teachers and in-service teachers they work in the field of research and development stuff is important for various agencies in a race you NCERT made available to stress level Agencies for adopting various adaptations that are done by CBSE only educational purpose books are published by CBSE subjected included English Hindi and Urdu.

Exchange programmes

Organisation also interacts various International organizations like a UNESCO, UNICEF and DP Neepa and  World bank for study various specific educational problems to arrange them in a training program for personnel to other countries. Various associate centers of APEID NCERT also act as a secretary and of the national the Development group and DC for various educational innovation. They offer various training facilities with the attachment programs and participation for a various workshop.



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