What is the weightage of numericals in class 12th

What is the weightage of numericals in class 12th

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What is the weightage of numerical in class 12th

What is the weightage of numericals in class 12th: PHYSICS is subject for whos thinking ability is very best. physics is one of the best subject which is most difficult as well.Physics without numericals is incomplete because it offer you to develop the thinking skills to solve various types of problem similar to maths but in some different manner. Physics and most of science subjects are very complicated but when we learn or clear our all basic concept and fundamentals this all subject become very easy. Physics is also the one of the most complicated subject because it required mathematical and conceptual understanding that is very advanced. That why most of student not goes to physics career.

This is overall topics wise weightage for physics:

Units Marks
Electrostatics 8
Current Electricity 7
Magnetic Effect Of Current & Magnetism 8
Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current 8
Electromagnetic Waves 3
Optics 14
Dual Nature of Matter 4
Atoms & Nuclei 6
Electronic Devices 7
Communications Systems 5


When we talking about numericals CBSE is unpredictable with its marking scheme and paper pattern. The paper pattern is all time change conceptual numerical based etc in general there are 15-20 marks weightage is given in physics paper.So you need to focus well on both parts  and in cbse most of numericals are formula based and not so much complicated if you can solve all numerical of physics ncert then you can’t find any difficulty in board exam.

So we can say what’s is the mood of CBSE at that time because by seeing previous examination they play lot so you need to focus on overall numericals as well as on theory for physics.

There are some preparation tips for physics:

  • Study all derivation formula definition as well diagram and memorise this all and also learn units of physical quantities.
  • Prepare well and solve some numericals and practice to solve them in less duration of time
  • Practice make a man perfect. So solve all previous atleast 5 year. Board paper under exam condition with time limit by this it make you familiar with board exam environment.
  • Devote some time for meditation in morning and exercise by this your mind active and sharp and this also decrease the stress.
  • Ncert book is best for all subject so once you read ncert because almost all numerical and theory part asked from ncert so focus on ncert also



  • Make sure you take your admit card
  • Read carefully all instruction
  • Make proper choice according to you which question is easy and how to start paper to score more .
  • Manage time in exam and don’t give lot of time to a particular question
  • Make diagram neat and clean